Rabbit Ears: Eat Our Shorts Vol. 3

Rabbit Ears: Eat Our Shorts Vol. 3 RE-DDSHV03
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Eat Our Shorts Volume 3

A compilation of short films from Rabbit Ears’ third season, including:

Apples:  From Seedling to Market

Who’s up for killing some ladybugs?  If that answer is yes, then you’re in luck!  In this short we are trained on everything involving the apple business!  Weather it’s throwing them on the ground, working 12 hour shifts in a dark room with a conveyor belt, or just painting leaves with a little brush all day long…this short has something for everyone!

The Front Line

Ever wonder what it would be like to work as a grocery checker in an unending void?  Sure, we all have.  Join us in learning valuable lessons such as grocery stamp usage, working an Enigma machine, and how to make yourself into a woman who looks like a man.  Plus, there is totally bland food for as far as the eye can see!

A Ride for Cinderella

Nicky Gnome is back for the craziest, most drug induced adventure yet!  While riding his trusted horse/dragon/centipede/fly thing, they do their best to help Cinderella get home from the ball before she…well….before….it’s not really clear why she’s in a hurry.  There’s also a creepy self-masochistic witch and goofy ghost that resembles Mr. Clean a little too much.

Selling as a Career

Time to further your education into how to completely ignore family responsibilities at home.  What better way than to become a salesman?  Sure, you spend all of your time on the road, living out of your car, and having really odd rendezvous with strange men in seedy motels at night…but you’re living the life, right?  Right?  Yes.  Yes you are.

Your Name Here

The original movie Riff from the 1960’s, Your Name Here mocks all of the shorts of its day with stereotypical language and effects.  As we put it “It’s really difficult to poke fun at a movie that’s poking fun at itself.”  This one is actually a rare treat from the 1960’s archive of wacky, insane shorts.

A Revolutionary Triumph in Tape

RCA treats us to the future of audio:  A giant cassette tape the size of a shoebox!  And it’s accompanied by the “ugliest piece of furniture ever made.”  Now, you might be thinking that’s not exciting at all…and you’d be right.  But did you know it also flips over automatically?  And it rewinds too!

Refreshment on the Job

It’s time to sit back, relax, gain diabetes, and enjoy refreshment on the job!  Yes, the Coca-Cola company welcomes you to buy not 1, not 2, but 318 bottles of Coke during your work day.  Remember to always be drinking Coke.  Always. 

Practical Dreamer

Before Inception, there was another story of a woman being woken in the night by a satanic, invisible force.  Yes, Practical Dreamer tells the tale of a disembodied voice stealing an innocent family’s kitchen, then subjecting them to torments in a void (because what short would be complete without being in some kind of void?).   But don’t worry, it has a happy ending.  Of course, we’re lying about that part.

Approx. Run Time:  1 hr, 38 mins.


Eat Our Shorts Volume 3 A compilation of short films from Rabbit Ears’ third season, including: Apples: From Seedling to Market Who’s up for killing some ladybugs? If that answer is yes, then you’re in luck! In this short we a
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