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2015 Eurobasket Tournament Playbook

2015 Eurobasket Tournament Playbook 2015 Eurobasket Tournament Playbook
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EuroBasket 2015 Encyclopedia Playbook Eurobasket 2015 Click on the paypal button below to buy this 163 Page Playbook for $17.95 Today, I am bringing you a comprehensive Encyclopedia of the EuroBasket 2015 Tournament.  This playbook works as a basketball encyclopedia because it features offensive action and strategy from ALL 24 participates in the 2015 EuroBasket Tournament.   International basketball is getting more and more notice for containing a lot of movement, excellent spacing, pre-ball screen movement, and multiple staggered screens to enable the likelihood of one of their shooters to get a good look at a 3 point shot, a drive to the basket, a drive to a pull up mid-range jumper, and/or multiple opportunities to slip for layups on overly hedging defensive strategies. While working on my EuroBasket 2015 playbook, in one game alone, I saw Latvia a multiple stagger action 5 plus times, either out of a SLOB situation, and even a half-court set, which is just scratching the surface of everything this Encyclopedia of basketball tactics contains.   The element that continues to impress me about international basketball and what intrigues me to continue to break it down and watch it as I grow as a coach is the actions, and ball movement used in such an excellent manner to get their players in the best position to score or contribute based on their roles within the team. I feel that international basketball is ahead of the curve on ball movement, moving without the ball, and utilizing floor spacing, and those coaches who learn from it and apply it to their programs or teams are those who you see having the most success on the highest levels. Example to support this statement includes, but is not limited to NBA standout coaches Greg Popovich, Mike Budenholzer, Brad Stevens, Steve Kerr, and David Blatt. International basketball strategy is infiltrating into the American game more and more, as I recall my first year as being a varsity coach 2 years ago, I was about the only coach I knew who used the International Ball Screen continuity (my choice was the Lithuania Angle Ball Screen Continuity) on the high school level, and that year I began to notice it being used by multiple college teams including Butler, Wichita State, and several others. I also recall Don Showalter’s 20 Ball Screen Offense being showcased at the Nike 40th Anniversary Basketball Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.   I have seen this international flavor making its way into American basketball more and more and I anticipate we will continue to see more, especially with these defensive rule changes with the emphasis being on un-restricted free movement and cutting.  I also look for American ball screen actions to start occurring more and more by way of Horns actions and in the “alley” as statistics show one of the worst places to set a ball screen is the wing, and where do most high school teams set ball screens? The Wings! I hope you enjoy this Encyclopedia playbook of just about as much Euro Basket offense you could possibly ask for, I know I had a blast and gained tremendous insight which I have and will continue to incorporate in my high school team.  I hope this playbook is as helpful to you and your program/staff as it was to me by simply studying international basketball and creating the playbook.  Whether you coach youth basketball, AAU, college, professional, or high school, you will find something in this library of basketball that you can use for your benefit.  Best Wishes and Good Luck as the start of the 2015-16 basketball season quickly approaches! 

EuroBasket 2015 Encyclopedia Playbook Click on the paypal button below to buy this 163 Page Playbook for $17.95 Today, I am bringing you a comprehensive Encyclopedia of the EuroBasket 2015 Tournament. This playbook works as a basketball encyclopedi
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