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PID Tuning Blueprint Course Download Professional

PID Tuning Blueprint Course Download Professional FP5050-PID-Blue
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Buy and Download   > Description Simplifies PID control loop tuning and provides many PID tuning tips. PID Tuning Blueprint Course (Professional) By Finn Peacock Please click each of the 6 items above to see sample. PID Tuning Blueprint Contents PID Tuning Blueprint Course Download (Professional) ESBN: F06-295J-9P78-54B9 Description: Over 88 pages and PID simulator in Excel The PID Tuning Blueprint Course (Professional), simplifies PID control loop tuning and provides many PID tuning tips. Download these proven PID Tuning methods, a printable PID Tuning Logbook, a PID Tuning Quick Cheat Sheet. Plus a free copy of "The Idiot's Guide to PID Algorithms". Plus the PID Tuning Simulator and PID Tuning Calculator and a Automated Process Linearizer for MS Excel. This PID Tuning Blueprint Course Download package will insure you get it right the first time, saving downtime cost and it is great for training. These PID tuning rules will give you a fast, robustly tuned loop with minimum overshoot. Discount for Schools, Corporations and Government multi-user licenses. Control Engineering magazine tested 5 vendors' autotunes in their January 2009 issue. 80% didn't work at all. So even if your controller has the auto-tune feature, you will need this PID Tuning Blueprint. PID Tuning Blueprint Proven to Tune ... Temperature control Flow control Pressure control Level control pH Control Speed control Servo control You won't find complete, step-by-step, paint-by-numbers approach in textbooks, like you will find in this PID Tuning Blueprint. If you have the patience and can decipher the highly academic style of writing, you could dig up the formulas we use, but that would only be 10% of what the PID Tuning Blueprint does for you. The PID Tuning Blueprint walks you through a step-by-step check of all the process fundamentals before the tuning begins. PID tuning tips learnt from over a decade in the game, that you won't find in any text books. You do not need a PhD in math to understand our PID Tuning Blueprint. You don't need to plough through pages of dry text books trying to separate the academic theory from the practical techniques that you can actually use in the real world. The PID Tuning Blueprint gives you all the tools and training you need to confidently tune almost any PID loop. JUST SAY NO! No more wild guessing until you stumbling across the exact combination of P, I and D that will deliver the fastest, most stable response are approximately zero. No more using the Ziegler Nichols technique that forces you to send your system unstable before suggesting tuning constants that leave your loop always teetering on instability. No more searching and studying for hours websites and textbooks full of complex Calculus equations. No more tuning your PID loop in "closed loop" or "Auto mode", that masks critical process characteristics that are essential for robust tuning. No more spending countless hours (days) trying to tune a PID loop only to later find something else in the process was wrong. No more trial and error, the PID Tuning Blueprint will give you the best settings first time, every time. No more being left with raw tuning constants and no means of converting them to the specific units and algorithm of your particular controller. No expensive equipment or software costing thousands of dollars required, all you need is your process data and our spreadsheet software. No more need for $10,000-$30,000 in PID Tuning Software. Finn Peacock has used the same PID Tuning methods assembled from lots of different sources over his 12 years as a control engineer working with some of the best Control Engineers in the world. He used these very same technique to tune PID loops from nuclear power plants to chocolate factories. The PID Tuning Blueprint takes you by the hand and guides you through the process of identifying how YOUR controller works and what units it uses. You then get all the tools you need to translate your freshly calculated tuning constants into your controller's language. About the Author : Finn Peacock is an Australian Chartered Professional Engineer , and has been in the Control System Engineering game for over 12 years. He has has worked in the Nuclear, FMCG, Automotive, Chemical, Packaging, Food and power generation industries for over a decade. Finn is passionate about teaching good engineering practice in plain English to improve processes around the world, improving their efficiency, reducing waste, and ultimately keeping industries profitable in the face of increasing costs from all sides. Comments by customers on this product : "Applicable and Real World. Direct translation to real world problems." Ian Cameron -WA, Australia "I thought that the blue print layout was excellent, each step was clear and concise. The clear text and diagrams demonstrate the theory very well. It is nice to deal with a company that stands by their product and passes on any upgrades improvements at no charge. Well done on a great product." William Rufus - SA, Australia "Easy to use and to follow. This is probably is the best down-to-earth material for tuning PIDs that I have ever seen. Really,.. it is Idiot Proof. It is like you just follow the lines painted on the floor and you will arrive safely at your destination. Using your Blueprint, my process was tuned with just PI. PID was not necessary after it was so well tuned." Francisco Lopez - Advanced Integrated Solutions Inc - USA "In implementing the PID Tuning Blueprint, I was able to uncover instability in the glycol cooling loop. The company was impressed by how the PID Tuning Blueprint was able to be used as such an effective tool in identifying deficiencies in the glycol control loop, at a fraction of the cost of software such as RSTune." TTerry King - Gay Lea Foods - Ontario, Canada What's in the PID Tuning Blueprint course Download... PID Tuning Blueprint: Guidebook You'll get this step-by-step guide explaining the unique PID Tuning technique, and how to apply it to your specific process. It's 65 pages filled with only what you need to know, so it shouldn't take you more than an hour to work your way through. You can begin implementing the steps immediately. (sample) PID Tuning Cheat Sheet Once you've used the Blueprint to tune your first loop, you can progress to using this 2 sided cheat-sheet to quickly tune subsequent loops. The cheat sheet is a super condensed guide to the tuning process that you can easily refer to out on the plant, to ensure that your loops get tuned as efficiently as possible. PID Tuning Logbook You will be asked how you got that process working so sweetly. And if you fill in the blanks in a fresh copy of this logbook as you tune each loop, you will have a record that will show exactly what you did to improve the process - - and crucially how much you improved it by (always useful when negotiating your next rate or pay rise!) (sample) PID Tuning Simulator and PID Tuning Calculator for MS Excel The best PID tuners in the business are those who try out their newly calculated tuning parameters on a 'fit for purpose' simulation before investing in both the effort and downtime required to implement them on their physical process. This sophisticated spreadsheet actually simulates your process and controller right inside the familiar environment of MS Excel. Here's how it fits into your PID Simplifies PID control loop tuning and provides many PID tuning tips. PID Tuning Blueprint Course (Professional) By Finn Peacock Please click each of the 6 items above to see sample. PID Tuning
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