7/25/15 NRO-BMF Joint Concert | Music | Classical

7/25/15 NRO-BMF Joint Concert

7/25/15 NRO-BMF Joint Concert NRO-150725
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Igor Stravinsky, The Firebird: Suite (1945 version) 
(David Danzmayr, conductor)
1. Introduction
2. Prelude, Dance of the Firebird, & Variations
3. Pantomime I
4. Pas de deux
5. Pantomime II
6. Scherzo (Dance of the Princesses)
7. Pantomime III
8. Rondo
9. Infernal Dance
10. Lullaby (Berceuse)
11. Final Hymn

Igor Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring (Le sacre du printemps)
(Carl Topilow, conductor)
Part I
The Augurs of Spring (Dance of the Young Girls)
Mock Abduction
Spring Round Dances
Games of the Rival Tribes
Procession of the Wise Elder
Adoration of the Earth (The Wise Elder)
Dance of the Earth
Part II
Introduction – Largo
Mystical Circles of the Young Girls
Glorification of the Chosen Victim
Summoning of the Ancestors
Ritual of the Ancestors
Sacrificial Dance

Igor Stravinsky, The Firebird: Suite (1945 version) (David Danzmayr, conductor)1. Introduction2. Prelude, Dance of the Firebird, & Variations3. Pantomime I4. Pas de deux5. Pantomime II6. Scherzo (Dance of the Princesses)7. Pantomime III8. Rondo9. Inf
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