Torpedo Website Traffic Generator (WAT) Ultimate V8.1

Torpedo Website Traffic Generator (WAT) Ultimate V8.1 PLDZ-10
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Note: Torpedo Traffic Generator is the new name for Website Auto Traffic Generator (WAT). Check to know more.


Try this ultimate tool to bring traffic to your website from different locations in the world! The world is changing from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing method. People are looking over the web to get their desired products or information. If you throw a stone over the internet, you will find a lot of same and similar information from multiple resources, we say web pages. People always go for the resources they get quickly with minimum searching. It would be the web pages listed in the first few pages of search results. If a product or website is not known or less known to search engines, they will not be visible in the front of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). 

Torpedo Traffic Generator is canny standalone tool capable of creating traffic on your blog or website. The tool is clever enough to switch between browsers (but you don't need to install any web browser) and IPs which provides legitimate user traffic to your personal sites. The traffic generator is a good tool to riddle the internet. Even the switching between proxies can be done with ultimate version. No worries, it has a simple user interface to interact with. Specially designed for starters as well as for professional users.

Eminent Features

  • Generate traffic and rank your sites on top (SEO).
  • No limit in specifying of URLs and page views/traffic.
  • Gives traffic from different geographic location.
  • Traffic from multiple web browser
  • Advanced switching options for making distinct source.
  • Allows Bulk importing of URLs and Proxies.
  • Option to export URLs and Proxies
  • Live progress status and logging
  • Configuration saving (you can save settings and no need to import all URLs, proxies etc. on next time)
  • Random session duration for each page
  • Proxy checking (you no need to manually check whether the proxy is working or not)
  • OS and Device different traffic (generate traffic from types of devices like iPhone, Mac, Android etc.)
  • Google Analytics and other web analytics tracking support
  • Keywords specific traffic – you can provide keywords and search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) 
  • Referral traffic – produce referral traffic from Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Option to generate Organic traffic specifically as well as Direct traffic 
  • Campaign creation and traffic generation 
  • Automatic proxy imports from website URLs and proxy validation 
  • Creation of own platform combination – based on web browser, OS, device, browser version, OS version etc. 
  • Advanced sources switching options - based on time, page count, session duration, proxy count etc.)
  • Dual Traffic Engine - for smooth traffic
  • Scheduler - make Torpedo run at any time
  • Advanced sources switching options - based on time, page count, session duration, proxy count etc.)
  • No hidden cost or limitations. One-time purchase, no licence expiration!
  • Surfing mode - provides traffic effect as user surfing your website (New generation traffic generator feature)
  • Traffic from 8 Search Engines (Google, Bing etc.), 9 social media referrals (Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube etc.) and 10+ platforms/web browsers (Linux, android, Firefox, Chrome, Yandex etc.)
  • Auto refresh and fetch proxies - let your traffic and time doesn't waste. Geolocation can update with fetching new proxies automatically and you can run Torpedo multiple days continuously
  • Traffic modes - manage sessions, page views and bounce rates of your website automatically
  • Proxy classification - helps you to select good proxies for full geolation different traffic
  • Auto start and Exit Torpedo (complete scheduler option)
  • Geographic traffic & Analytics tracking optimisation
  • Link fetcher - new addon tool helps you to grab all links in a website
  • Readable live traffic logs. You can understand how traffic goes
  • Core component and minor features upgradations
  • Supported OS: Window 7 SP1/8/8.1/10
  • Check more features here


If you are an existing user of old version, you can upgrade to the new version (v8.1) go get extra features. To get upgrade, visit Upgrade - Torpedo Website Traffic Generator Ultimate V8.1

For any queries or support, contact us at


Official website:

User Guide: Download

Offer!! $10 off! Purchase now at $39.9 instead of $49.9 Note: Torpedo Traffic Generator is the new name for Website Auto Traffic Generator (WAT). Check to know more. Description Try this ultimate tool to bring traffic t
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David Szabo

Well done

The team is doing a good effort to provide good quality traffic. Keep it up.

Peter Atanda

A best software to get best result

Torpedo Traffic is helping my business grow. I am getting reasonable number of web traffics now. The product is highly recommended.

Robert Brown

Great job


Ali shahi

great service

Great service


Give a try

I did a try. It is really a competitive product in terms of quality traffic and money.

Nitin Kaushik

Great Support by Team

got solution of my problem within 5 min, this is the fastest support i have from any service provider

wow softs



herminio rodriguez

no funciona

no logro que arranque en windows 7, me he gastado el dinero y windows me cierra el programa y no logro que arranque


I like this traffic generator

WAT is a super product. The surfing mode feature gives realistic new generation traffic as they guaranteed


Professional approach

amazing service. special recognition for the support department, which proved irreplaceable. One more time - thank you

Madhi Alagan

Software is working

Software is working. I was trying to activate with a wrong key

Madhi Alagan

Useless Software

Useless Softwares not working dont waste time

NC Global

Recommended software

We never wished a review, but this product deserves it. The new version 7 has wonderful features, especially the quality of traffic it generates. We could see a huge rise in the traffic and the bounce rate reduced. Within 2 days of usage, we were able to see a better improvement in our analytics. We believe WAT is a new generation traffic generator as they try to keep standard in quality as well as support. The cost may be slightly higher, but it is fair as this is one time. Cons - we observed a crashing issue while opening the application after installation. For the proper working, some additional applications to be installed. It was better if those files also included in the initial purchase Conclusion - buy this if you''re planned to get one.

Hakan Yulaf

thanks for this product

this is very helpful. i liked it and giving a lot of traffic to my website

jin lee

Latest version excellent

I have been using this software from version 3 onwards. Lot of improvements in the latest versions. The organic traffic feature in the new version looks like exactly as a real traffic. This is one of the good traffic generator available in online.

Ivan Keird


I was actually trying a luck with spending money for this software. But awesomely it gave me almost all it is described. The only effort was in finding some good proxies.

Steve Schulze

It did just great

The program works very well. Easy to use for you! The customer support is really appreciated.



This is my first paid traffic generating software. It shows me a great progress in Alexa page rank within 2 weeks. Really awesome, it did the work!!!

Aric Mark

Good product

Good software. Works better than $60 product that I had been using. Traffic improved within 1 week to my site. Surely worthwhile for money