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The Elixir

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The Elixir

by Savage Beast Records

1. The Elixir by XRAYi 
2. One Man Army by XRAYi 
3. Full Circle  by XRAYi 
4. Gotta Pay by XRAYi 
5. Undermine by XRAYi
6. Do The Funky Monkey by XRAYi
7. Connect The Dots by XRAYi 
8. Who Lajup by XRAYi 
9. Cool Uncle Lyle by XRAYi 
10. Tears In A Bucket by XRAYi

The Elixir by Savage Beast Records 1. The Elixir by XRAYi 2. One Man Army by XRAYi 3. Full Circle by XRAYi 4. Gotta Pay by XRAYi 5. Undermine by XRAYi6. Do The Funky Monkey by XRAYi7. Connect The Dots by XRAYi 8. Who Lajup by XRAYi 9. Cool Uncle
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