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Empowerment Over Adversity;Intimidation, and Bullying

Empowerment Over Adversity;Intimidation, and Bullying EMPAINBUL1 Free
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Conflict and Crisis will never cease to exist. 
                  Learning to live with the mountains is the key 
                                                        to empowerment over adversity.

 "You will never reach your destination

                                     if you stop to throw stones at every barking dog." 
                                                                                          (Winston Churchhill)

  "There is a method where adversity becomes
                                                                                  empowering in a positive manner. 
                                                                 Initially it appears as though you are sacrificing yourself; 
                                                                                  but in the end it is all about you.

                  ***The reality is that effective help from authority figures and others is most likely not going to happen.***
                  The situation may not change; and other "issues" will occur as a part of life. Being "alone" will be typical.
                  Therefore a holistic, empowering approach that is self-generated is a good idea.                

   First, a story:
       There was this person walking through the woods who fell into a deep pit not too far off of the beaten path.
Desperate attempts to climb up the vertical walls didn't help.
After three days of fruitless yelling and screaming, no one came to his assistance.
He was doomed. And frantic. And thinking he would die there.
Suddenly a voice called out. "Hey, anyone down there in this pit!"
Well the man in the pit screamed back.  "Help me! Don't go away! I'm stuck in this pit. It's impossible to get out!"
Immediately there was a big crash as the man from above leaped into the deep pit, crash landed, and nearly knocked over the guy who was
                                                                                                            trapped in the pit! Now they were both "trapped" in the pit.
"What are you crazy or something! Now we are both trapped in this pit! What are you, stupid or something!!??
The other man dusted himself off and said,
 "Don't worry. I've been down here before."

    There needs to be pre-planned responses to as many situations as possible. This allows for one's ethical, moral, social consequences, responsibilities, and legal ramifications to pre-determine a response. There is not time to take a minute to think when split seconds count. A philosopher, military tactician Sun Tsu cited: ""If you know yourself you will win most of the time. If you know your enemy you will win most of the time. If you know yourself and your enemy you will never be defeated." 

Conflict and Crisis will never cease to exist. Learning to live with the mountains is the key to empowerment over adversity.
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