Bio-Dynamics of Wellness, Healing, and Pain Relief

Bio-Dynamics of Wellness, Healing, and Pain Relief BIOWELHEPAI1
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This natural breathing process is very powerful and increases the natural circulation properties and the body's own methods to heal itself. The "secret science" of wellness, healing, and pain relief is the science of the inhale which oxygenates, removes toxins, has powerful expansion abilities, and carries other life enhancing energies. What the breathing techniques do is enhance the natural bio-dynamics of the inhale.   
  Bio-dynamic effects include:
                   *  Increased blood circulation,
                   *  Increased removal of toxins, including pain,
                   *  Expansion of tissue,
                   *  Expansion of joints,
                   *  Straightening of the spinal column,
                   *  Increased natural immunity,
                   *   Relaxation,
                   *  Addition of energy,
                   *  Pain Relief,
                   *  When nothing else is working, gives the body extra energy to heal itself.

  In this video is a one hour therapy session directed at severe pain due to herniated discs; and produced pain free results that lasted for hours. There are situations where a respite from the pain is worth a few minutes of breathing therapy. Flexibility returned and the person was able to stand up straight. 
  The expansive nature of the inhale stretched apart joints so toxins could be released and muscles could relax. Increased circulation and relaxation can be observed as the session progresses. Severe pain relief provides a period of rest and comfort. On occasion the healing effects are permanent, other times it is a series of treatments. And in this instance it was a respite from pain. 

The flow of the inhale can be moved through various areas of injury to"wash and rinse." Wash on the inhale and allow the body to expand.  Rinse on the exhale and allow the toxins to leave the body (often you can taste them.) 

The expansive and increased circulation attributes of the inhale are also effective in reproductive and sexual applications.

The effortless deep breathing does not require muscle use so is therapeutic for the bedridden or respiratory ill.
CF huffing is also an application.

When no other options are available, some relief or healing may be possible because: 
                                                                     *  The body tissues and joints relax.
                                                                     *  Increased circulation enhances natural healing and toxin removal.
                                                                     *  Additional energy is created to assist in healing.
                                                                     *  Spinal cord and abdomen straighten for improved functions.
    Additional video clips on breath created physical movements and stretching are included because the daily normal movements then become therapeutic. There is a thinning, fluidity effect as the body relaxes and naturally uprights itself. An overall state of wellness is obtained. (The problem is getting stretching into the daily regimen. One vertical stretch as you get out of bed and walk to the bathroom will have noticeable effects. An accomplished music teacher has her students do a stretch before they play their instruments with noticeable results.)

       Of note is that six or eight total expansion inhale breath cycles when in bed before sleeping promotes a rapid and restful sleep.

  An intensive floor of the abdomen, void breathing, stretching and movement  technique is presented after the healing session.
What is beneficial with this technique is that the extreme, internal expansion of the muscles and joints while in a relaxed state (breath expansion is used not muscle contraction) can adjust/stretch the bones/joints to their normal position. This "dynamic stretch" is done from a prone position lying on a floor. (Again, time is in a short supply for most of us. Doing a few morning stretches while standing by the microwave or coffee maker  is going puts the stretching into the daily routine. It only takes a few "stretches" to obtain results. Pajamas can be appropriate attire.) 
   Lower back, sacroiliac, hip/leg pain, and abdominal problems can benefit from the adjustment and increased circulation. All reproductive processes also benefit from increased circulation and "expansion."

This natural breathing process is very powerful and increases the natural circulation properties and the body's own methods to heal itself. The "secret science" of wellness, healing, and pain relief is the science of the inhale which oxygenates, remo
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