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West Coast Gangsta Shit vol,5

West Coast Gangsta Shit vol,5 DPGJ-005
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2.Who Ride With Us/Daz Dillinger feat. Bad Azz
3.I Luv Cali/Roscoe
4.Wrong Idea/Bad Azz&Lil1/2 Dead
5.Afro Puff/The Lady of Rage
6.This DJ/Warren G
7.This Is The Shack/The Dove Shack
9.Summertime in LBC/The Dove Shack
10.Julio G Drop/Julio G
11.G'd Up/Butch Cassidy
12.Watcha Gonna Do?/Jayo Felony
13.Kush Kush/Jayo Felony
14.Far Eastside Rendezvous/OG Kid Frost
15.Ta Tow Drop/Ta Tow
16.Streiht Up Menace/MC Eiht
17.2High Power/RBX
18.Bad Intention/Knoc-Turn'al
19.Bang Bang/Knoc-Turn'al&Hittman
20.Act Right/Hittman
21.West Coast Voodoo/WC
22.C-Walk/Slip Capone
24.Running Game/Foesum feat. Bo-Rock
25.Heist Part 2/5Footaz
26.Supa Soul Sis/Jah Skill
27.Julio-G Drop 2/Julio-G
28.Candy 2/MC Eiht feat. Daz Dillinger
29.Kush/Daz Dillinger feat. Blaqthoven
30.Puff On Blunts/Bad Azz
31.LA Raza/OG Kid Frost
32.What Would You Do/Daz Dillinger
33.DJ Eazy Dick Drop/DJ Eazy Dick
34.Super Man/Dina Ray
35.Nice to kill you/J BOOG

1.Intro/SNOOP DOGG2.Who Ride With Us/Daz Dillinger feat. Bad Azz3.I Luv Cali/Roscoe4.Wrong Idea/Bad Azz&Lil1/2 Dead5.Afro Puff/The Lady of Rage6.This DJ/Warren G7.This Is The Shack/The Dove Shack8.Round&Round/Twinz9.Summertime in LBC/The Dove Shack10
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