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• Team Associated B5M
• Tamiya TA05 VDF Drift
• Hobby Pro USA PRS1


• Retro Battery History Lesson– How we got here from there.
• Paint with Chalkboard Paint.
• Driving Positions – How you hold your radio tells all.
• Adam Drake Talks Clutch Basics.
• Project Baja – This much orange has to be awesome.
• X-Dyno – We test REDS team engine. It goes fast.
• Win Free Stuff!


• Professional editorial
• Babble from the editors
• News from the web
• Tips from the pro’s
• Your rides made famous
• Your videos made famous’er
• Action photography like no other
• A picture of Ms. VRC… and tons more

Summer has started. The beer is cold (or soda), and the outdoor season is in full swing. Will nitro ever come back to glory? Does electric racing have enough “staying power?” Will Dumb and Dumber 2 be as good as the first? Some of these questions are answered in this issue. Others will never be answered. Join the digital revolution and download this issue It’s just $1.99/issue or subscribe for $9.99 for an entire year!

Reviews• Team Associated B5M• Tamiya TA05 VDF Drift• Hobby Pro USA PRS1Features• Retro Battery History Lesson– How we got here from there.• Paint with Chalkboard Paint.• Driving Positions – How you hold your
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