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VRC_011 Contents

• Team Associated B5
• Schumacher Cougar KR
• Tekno RC NB-48

• Maintenance Between Races
• Paint Sick Window Trim
• Center Servos
• Body Aerodynamics with Paul King
• Win Free Stuff!

• Professional editorial
• Babble from the editors
• News from the web
• Tips from the pro’s
• Your rides made famous
• Your videos made famous’er
• Action photography like no other
• A picture of Ms VRC… and tons more

Find out why Velocity RC Magazine became the fastest growing digital RC magazine on the planet. More content in one issue than any other magazine can provide. Stunning photography, editors making babies, dogs and cats sleeping together…maybe even a rainbow. And none of that double rainbow BS. Just a single one like they had in the old days. Just $1.99/issue or subscribe for $9.99!

VRC_011 ContentsReviews• Team Associated B5• Schumacher Cougar KR• Tekno RC NB-48Features• Maintenance Between Races• Paint Sick Window Trim• Center Servos• Body Aerodynamics with Paul King• Win Free Stuff!More
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