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Rotating Machinery Reliability Excellence Powerpoints

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These Rotating Equipment Reliability Excellence Training Resources are a little different than many others. These 354 slides in 4 PowerPoints have a storyline that hopefully will entertain you as this PowerPoint teaches you.

The author wanted to make training fun for you to do, and for him to write. So follow Alan (one of the company's maintenance supervisors) as he confronts the rotating equipment reliability problems in his operation.  To help solve the downtime caused by the failure of equipment he gets help from his new maintenance manager, Bill.  Bill becomes Alan's resource and coach as he addresses the rotating equipment problems in the operation.  The content of these Rotating

Equipment Reliability Excellence training resources are exactly what the plant and equipment maintenance personnel who attended the actual 4-day Rotating

Equipment Reliability Excellence course. The course is divided into an introduction stage and an advanced rotating equipment engineering stage.  During the course, you will cover, and come to better appreciate, the important issues for achieving Rotating Equipment (RE) reliability.   Much of our industrial equipment rotates, it uses bearings and lubrication and is mounted onto a supporting structure.  What you learn in the course to improve rotating equipment performance can be transferred and applied to all of them. 

"The purpose of the course is to train people in both the proper care of rotating equipment, and use of the proper equipment management, maintenance systems and methods to ensure they are reliable and stay reliable (which applies to any equipment by implication).  At the end of the course we wanted people to have a total perspective on the best practices needed to get great service, and a lifetime of high reliability, from their equipment."  

Throughout the course, you will do activities from the accompanying Workbooks that provide the opportunity to learn and discuss numerous issues and perspectives relevant to rotating equipment.


Synopsis by Seminar Day:

DAY 1 (98 Color PowerPoint Slides)Cause Of Rotating Equipment Failures.

DAY 2 (90 Color PowerPoint Slides)Standards, Condition Monitoring, and Top-Class Maintenance.

DAY 3 (83 Color PowerPoint Slides)Shafts, Bearings And Seals For Reliability Excellence, Maintenance For Reliability.

DAY 4 (83 Color PowerPoint Slides)Improving Equipment Reliability, Reducing Maintenance Cost, Sustaining Rotating Equipment Integrity.

Rotating Equipment Workbook - Introduction.doc (18 Pages)

Rotating Equipment Workbook - Advanced.doc (36 Pages)


These 3 Training PowerPoints will enable you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the topic.
  • Adapt the presentation to your own needs.
  • Show the presentation in your own company.
  • Communicate the knowledge of Rotating Equipment Reliability Excellence to your colleagues in your organization.
Description: These Rotating Equipment Reliability Excellence Training Resources are a little different than many others. These 354 slides in 4 PowerPoints have a storyline that hopefully will entertain you as this PowerPoint teaches you. The auth
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