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Training For Cross Country Racing

Training For Cross Country Racing OZTRACK-XC
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Introduction p2
Specificity Of Training p3
Improving Sustainable Race Pace p4
Enhancing Recovery p6
Weight Training For Cross Country p7
Nutritional Ideas p9
Some Questions About Cross Country p10
Training Plans p12
Training Plan 1 - Intermediate Level Athlete With A Background p12
Training Plan 2 - Intermediate Level Longer Program p28
Training Plan 3 - Beginner With A Background Of Exercise. p54
Training Plan 4 - Advanced Athlete Short Program p70
Training Plan 4 - High School Athletes With Minimal Training Commitment p86
What To Do With Young Cross Country Athletes (Ages 9-12) p102

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction p2Specificity Of Training p3Improving Sustainable Race Pace p4Enhancing Recovery p6Weight Training For Cross Country p7Nutritional Ideas p9Some Questions About Cross Country p10Training Plans p12Training Plan 1 - Inter
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