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Ajax Basics

Ajax Basics AJAX10
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Ajax Basics Video tutorial...
Working with Javascript and XML
to Create Dynamic Web Pages

Topics taught include: 
Installing the "Web Developer" plugin 
for Firefox to help debug code
Using the free Development IDE, Aptana
(a program you'll use to code in)
Program web pages that don't need refreshing to load in new content.
HTML menus / buttons that trigger functions (like pop-up prompts)
Tabbed Menus for Opening CSS DIV Windows
Create Drag and Drop Taps for a Shopping Cart or Web Interface
Lots of Javascript, XML, CSS, DOM, HTML, PHP
- Mathematical Operators
- Include Statements
- Functions
- Arrays

Ajax Basics Video tutorial...Working with Javascript and XMLto Create Dynamic Web Pages Topics taught include: Installing the "Web Developer" plugin for Firefox to help debug codeUsing the free Development IDE, Aptana(a program you'll use to code
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