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Trap Producer Pack vol1

Trap Producer Pack vol1 PLDZ-98
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"TRAP PRODUCER PACK VOL1-24 bit samples library (2065 sounds)

Brother of 808s (710 sounds)-340 mo
Gucci Kit (410 sounds)-185 mo
Ross Swagg (400 sounds)-180 mo
Shawty Bang (545 sounds)-315 mo

'Trap  Producer Wav Pack Vol1 ' is a brand new library filled with 2065 one shot sounds.
This collection includes inspired sounds from some of the best Dirty South and trap music composers in the game:
You can own these same quality samples: Just load them into your favourite DAW or sampler to create your own beats.
Normally price of this pack is $39

Product Details:

•1 GO of content
•24Bit Wav Quality
2065 Single sounds including:

365 Kicks
330 Snares
180 Claps & Snaps
167 Hats
27 Rides
26 Shakers
155 Percussions
53 Toms
87 Cymbals
130 Basses
92 Brass
10 Synths
70 Orchestral Hits
81 Vox
21 Bells
15 Pianos Hits
294 Fxs


• Dirty South/Trap/Hip Hop/Rnb

• Mac & PC compatible
• For use with all Daws or Samplers that can import wav files

This pack is exactly what you need to recreate your next hits.
All sounds are Royalty-Free for you to use in a commercial production or even for DJ/remix purposes.

"TRAP PRODUCER PACK VOL1-24 bit samples library (2065 sounds)Brother of 808s (710 sounds)-340 moGucci Kit (410 sounds)-185 moRoss Swagg (400 sounds)-180 moShawty Bang (545 sounds)-315 mo'Trap Producer Wav Pack Vol1 ' is a brand new library filled wi
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