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Leicestershireshire Parish Registers, Volume I.
Published 1908.
Contains Transcripts of Marriage Registers
for the  Parishes of
Bottesford 1563-1812,
Muston 1561-1812,
Twyford-cum-Thorpe Satchville 1562-1812,
Coston 1561-1812,
Scraptoft 1539-1812,
Sibson 1569-1812,
 Congerston 1756-1812,
Ratby 1695-1812,
 Gaddesby 1569-1812.
Machine searchable.
A digital version of the original book,
in PDF format.
Viewable on any computer using
Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Leicestershireshire Parish Registers, Volume I.Published 1908.Contains Transcripts of Marriage Registers for the Parishes of Bottesford 1563-1812,Muston 1561-1812,Twyford-cum-Thorpe Satchville 1562-1812,Coston 1561-1812,Scraptoft 1539-1812,Sibson
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