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6 powerful, flexible presentations

Each delivered, tested, and proven time and time again.
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Dear Payloadz Store Visitor:

Discover accurate descriptions below of the purpose and content of each presentation to make sure The Sales & Marketing Collection is right for you.

Each presentation:

  • Has been delivered, tested, and proven time and time again. So you know they'll work!
  • Comes with helpful imbedded suggestions
  • Comes with notes so you can increase your presentation's flexibility and reuse it later -- your investment today continues to work for you year after year rather than being a one-time only disposable presentation.

And your investment comes with my FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TIPS -- very high-quality public speaking and presentation tips -- a $40 value absolutely free to you!

Finally, you’re FULLY protected with my 365-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

Go Ahead and Take a Look Now:

presentation 1:
Born to be Free
8 - 10 minutes

This motivational presentation helps your audience expand their opportunities by opening their minds to seeing existing opportunities in new ways.

It's extremely flexible for you to reuse. Beyond your sales team, you can use it with any audience seeking more opportunity -- one-to-one mentoring or coaching, business people, those in your various communities, and those seeking employment or greater opportunities in life.

It’s great for energizing those who feel discouraged, and is a great picker-upper for sales teams ... including yours! 

presentation 2:
Customer Service ... or Servant Leadership?
8 - 10 minutes

The essence of the message: Help people get what they want and show appreciation simply by being attentive, and in doing so develop servant leadership skills.

It’s perfect for marketers working across departments and sales management focusing on sales staff, and applies to others, including:

* External customers: Sales/Front-office-related

* Internal customers: Administration/Backoffice operations

* Any public contact (vendors, media, other departments & agencies)

Add more examples to those already in this presentation to easily double or triple the presentation time.

presentation 3:
Seeds of Potential
8 - 10 minutes / 40 - 60 minutes

This presentation comes in two versions:

1. 8-to-10 minute short version: Especially useful as a briefing or in presenting to seasoned sales veterans since it gives them refreshing new ways to use their existing sales tools and techniques without wasting time. And it can be used for non-sales audiences, such as executives who want the high-level view without cumbersome details

2. 40-to-60 minute full-blown version: You can make this a 40-to-60 minute sales training seminar in order to present a complete sales system to a group which has little sales background. And you can build on it to expand it further.

The presentation:

  • Is simple and easy for you and your audience to remember
  • Discusses common tools used in uncommon and novel ways to differentiate your salespeople from others and gives them a strong competitive advantage
  • Incorporates the 80/20 Rule to focus on actions that cutting through the communication clutter
  • Outlines two underused but extremely powerful and effective techniques
  • Brings it all together in the easy-to-remember system.

presentation 4:
Thank You: The 2-word POWER TOOL
10 - 12 minutes

This simple speech is both inspirational and motivational, and can be easily used in order to improve relations or for any group or even for a single individual. It uses a handful of proven speaking devices:

1. Instantly recognizable location or business brand

2. Quote from well-known historic figure

3. Universally known behavior

4. And the most effective learning medium

At its essence, it subtly and very effectively sells an attitude adjustment -- without any apparent selling!

presentation 5:
Cutting Through the Communication Clutter
10 - 12 minutes

Low-budget, high-impact ideas for sales, marketing, or any other communication situation.

Use it again with variation to advise others in a group or one-on-one setting -- to help others boost the effectiveness of their communications:

  • Internal messages (especially those unskilled in effective communication)
  • External messages (business to customer, investor, other stakeholders)
  • As a way to build and strengthen your organizational network through effective communication
  • And use it in your role as advisor, mentor, or consultant to anyone or any group needing greater impact with their communications.

The presentation uses a case study to present 3 ideas in 3 well-defined body points. The length is flexible: simply edit out or add in content to each body point!

presentation 6:
Selling for Self-Confidence and Profit
8 - 10 minutes / longer with extended role plays

This motivational presentation uses group audience (and optional role play participation) to enhance your audience's fun experience and to help you energize and "sell" them into engaging in your particular activity, whatever it may be, including sales in general and all the specific activities that make up the broad category of selling. Why?

Because you're selling an idea.

Reuse this in further presentations and trainings: your flexible presentation follows an easy structure while your title can be changed simply with this format:

* (Activity) for Self-Confidence and Profit
* (Selling) for Self-Confidence and Profit
* (Cold Calling) for Self-Confidence and Profit

You get the idea!

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This offer exclusively for Payloadz store visitors:THE SALES & MARKETING COLLECTION:6 powerful, flexible presentationsEach delivered, tested, and proven time and time again. So you know they'll work!You also get the free bonus FORTY EIGHT SPEAKING TI
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