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Inspiration is a forgotten idea in today’s Christian parenting. The idea that our children can be spiritual warriors no longer exists in America. Our desires, hopes, and dreams for our kids are merely shadows of their potential. We are not called to raise the next generation of halfhearted Christians who quietly live out their faith with no real influence or fervor.

Instead, we are called to raise up an army of spiritual warriors. We mothers are called to inspire our children to spend their lives engaged in the spiritual realms, defending the glory of the Lord their God.

Don't miss this live recording of Kathleen Nelson's Inspire conference. "Inspire" challenges Christian mothers to dream big, pray boldly, and hope always. This is not the same as the "Motherhood Conference" where Kathleen shares on the practical aspects of raising children. Sessions included are from her conferences in Greeley, CO in April 2013, and Eau Claire, WI in May 2013. Over 5 1/2 hours of audio!


“…She brought God's Word to bear on my heart as  a mother with such skill and Holy Spirit leading that my heart wept and the Word of God convicted me and I had a new, clearer picture of the work God wants to do on ME, the mother.”

“Kathleen redirected me to God’s Word, and the truth about what He wants to do with our kids. Even though I’m a dreamer I had lost sight of the big picture, almost giving up faith that God wanted to do amazing things with MY family.” 

“Kathleen deeply ponders the heart of God for our children, encouraging mothers to stand boldly in faith for all of God’s promises to those He so lovingly placed in homes of believers.  Kathleen scours through scripture, seeing it all through the lens of mothering, to draw from it principles to apply to our parenting, and more importantly, to our prayers for our children.” 

Inspiration is a forgotten idea in today’s Christian parenting. The idea that our children can be spiritual warriors no longer exists in America. Our desires, hopes, and dreams for our kids are merely shadows of their potential. We are not call
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