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Want to standardize the ways and means of your construction related business?  The best way to do that is by standardizing your process.

Use of forms and templates specially designed for this industry.  You’ve probably already seen many of these forms created by the AIA and AGC.  Standard agreements, Contracts, Transmittal, and logs to name a few – these forms will streamline your work flow and elevate your images as a professional.

If you’ve reviewed AIA and AGC forms and contracts, you’ll quickly see that these documents closely resemble these as an easy to read and understand document clearly communicating standard expectations.

Don’t waste any more time looking for the right form to fit your needs.  These templates come already configured and ready for use.  Simply add your company name and logo and go!  It’s that easy – really.

This package has 144 forms.  No duplicates and every one fulfilling a specific need for this industry.  Look at the list below to see what’s included.

Buy and Download now and you'll receive our 3 for 1 Schedule Templates Offer Free!  A $75 Value for FREE

These construction schedule template for excel are excellent for quickly building construction schedules for any type project.  The templates are already loaded with primary tasks and sub tasks - so implementing your own information will be very easy!

See examples on YouTube  - (this will open a new window)


These templates are provided in Excel format which means you can edit these templates any way you need, save to your computer and reuse repeatedly. 

Plus, you’ll get 144 templates ready to print in PDF.  Use these for your hand-written process.  SAVE TIME AND MONEY! DON’T SPEND ANY MORE TIME LOOKING! 


Here is what's Inside: 

CONTRACTS  101 Owner / Contractor, 105 Owner / Contractor (Small), 107 Owner / Contractor (Abbrev), 108 Engineer / Contractor, 109 Engineer / Owner, 110 Subcontractor / Contractor,  111 Subcontractor / Contractor (Small Job),  112 Subcontractor / Contractor (Abbr.),  114 Subcontractor Proposal,  121 Construction Mgr. / Owner,  142 Architect / Owner (Abbreviated),  143 Architect / Owner (Small Job),  146 Demo of Building Structure, 147 T and M Time and Material,  148 Addendum to the Contract,  149 Proposal - Standard Form,  150 Independent Contractor,  151 Independent Contractor Notary,  153 Contract  Promissory Note, 154 Transmittal for Contracts, 167 Residential House Demolition, 168 Residential Repairs, 169 Residential Remodel (Sm Job), 170 Residential - Remodel (Lg. Job), 171 Residential New Home, 172 Residential New Home-Fix Fee, 173 Residential New Home-% Fee, 174 Residential  Specs for New Home, 175 Residential Specs for Remodel, 179 Contract - Residential Proposal, 191 Rescission Statement – Owner, 192 Rescission Statement for Sub, 195 Rescission to Contractor


ESTIMATING  210 Bid Plan Log, 214 Time and Materials Log, 215 Estimate Sheet, 218 Job Estimate, 220 Telephone Bid Sheet, 223 Itemized Proposal, 226 Job Cost Report, 230 Take Off Estimate, 235 Time and Materials Estimate, 240 Request for Proposal Log, 250 Overhead Calculations

401 Subcontract & Contractor Contract405 Independent Sub Statement406 License Verification408 Potential Back Charge409 Potential Back Charge Log410 Back Charge411 Back Charge Log414 Nonconform Work Notice, 415 Nonconforming Work Log, 418 Credit Application419 Credit Information Request425 Subcontractor List429 Supplier List

OFFICE  502 Transmittal  503 Submittal Log,  504 Minutes of Meeting   506 FAX Cover    507 FAX Log 508 Memo 509 Memo - Log  510 Phone Log  511 Phone Conversation Record 515 Insurance Verification Log 520 Petty Cash 525 Project Payment Summary   530 RFI - Request for Info 531 RFI  Request for Info Log 540 Financial Statement    550 Bar Schedule 560 Insurance Specifications 561 Request for Substitution 601 New Employee Info Sheet  605 Daily Time Sheet 610 Disciplinary Notice 613 Notice of Dismissal    615 Unsatisfactory Work Perform  619 Drivers License Verification 620 Employment Application  625 Employee Evaluation 630 Expense Log 641 Release Medical Records

PAYMENT - CHANGE ORDER  705 Certificate of Completion 710 Change Order - Subcontractor 711 Change Order - Log 712 Change Order Transmittal 713 Change Order Request 714 Change Order Request 715 Change Order Request 720 Purchase Order Request 721 Purchase Order Request Log 722 Purchase Order 723 Purchase Order Log 740 Notice of Unpaid Invoices 742 Transmittal for Collection 745 Collection Report 747 Stop Check Payment 749 Stop Check Payment - Log 750 Past Due Reminder BONDS -  LIENS -  NOTICES 704 Substantial Complete 705 Certificate of Completion 706A Affidavit Release 707 Consent of Surety      801 Notice of Intent to Lien    802 Final Lien Release 803 Partial Lien Release 804 Conditional Final Lien Release 805 Conditional Partial Lien Release 810 Satisfaction of Lien 811 Notice of Non Payment

DESCRIPTION: Want to standardize the ways and means of your construction related business? The best way to do that is by standardizing your process. Use of forms and templates specially designed for this industry. You’ve probably already se
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Jay L.


I have been trying to build these forms myself but just didn't have the time to do it and run my jobs at the same time. This is perfect! After going through the downloaded files (all excel with duplicates in PDF) I wish I had found this site earlier. DEFINATELY WORTH THE MONEY!!!