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X-treme Schemes vol. 2

X-treme Schemes vol. 2 XS-2
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Discussed in Vol. 2

bullet How spread sets take advantage of defenses
bullet Terminology
bullet The Motion Game
bullet Play Series Numbering
bullet Formations
bullet Passing Schemes  Individual Routes & Team Routes
bullet Line Calls and Pass Blocking
bullet Preparing for the Blitz
bullet Practice Plans
bullet Audibles
bullet Over 60 diagrams of plays and counters
bullet Frequently Asked Questions about the Scheme

Here are a couple of diagrams from the book.

Pro Left 222 Hex

Cobra Motion Decept

Renegade R Spike "Liz"

Each diagram is explained in the book and many plays have alternative formations and counters.

This book is very good for ideas on running routes against man coverage.  It is the passing portion of X-treme Schemes vol. 1.  This book is offered as immediate download and is in MS Word format. 

Discussed in Vol. 2 How spread sets take advantage of defenses Terminology The Motion Game Play Series Numbering Formations Passing Schemes Individual Routes & Team Routes Line Calls and Pass Blocking P
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