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Get Your Hands on the “Game-Tested” Division I Offensive Playbook That Has Produced Two NCAA National Championships, Multiple Final Four Appearances, and Hundreds of Wins

I’ve got a special treat for you guys today – you’re going to want to pay close attention to what I have to offer below. If you had the opportunity to learn the exact offense that University of Florida head coach Billy Donovan has mastered to en route to multiple championships and countless wins, you would jump at it, wouldn’t you?

Better yet, what if I literally “wrote the book” containing the intricate details of his coveted Ball Screen Offense and equipped you with everything you need to know to use it straight away - leaving nothing out?

Would that make a difference in your team’s ability to execute offensively and win games? You bet it would.

In fact, I’d be shocked if you didn’t double or even triple your wins right off the bat (assuming, of course, your team grasps the concepts quickly – after all, practice makes perfect!).

Whether you’ve been desperately search high and low for an answer to your poor record, or simply just want to elevate your performance and results to an elite level – this playbook is the secret weapon you need to begin tearing up the competition.

It gives you and your team an unfair advantage on your competition and will haveopposing coaches scratching their heads trying to figure out how their defensive game plan failed them so miserably.

If only they knew our little secret.

Before we go any further, let’s see what’s so special about Coach Donovan’s Ball Screen Offense.

Major teaching points in the offense include: reads, slipping, spacing, and screening angles. When attacking the defensive 'show,' Coach Donovan teaches the slip or ball reversal. This offense forces the defense to get back in transition and match up quickly, constantly close out and contain penetration. Every defensive adjustment to the pick and roll can be countered by the pick and roll.

The results speak for themselves.

Coach Donovan’s team, the Florida Gators, belong amongst the nation's elite. They are No. 10 Florida (12-2, 2-0 Southeastern Conference) so far this year with impressive wins over a ranked Wisconsin team along with contenders like Marquette and LSU.

Their offense is averaging 73 points a game and dominate both the inside and outside.

I watched every game last season and this season to gather the plays for this Florida Gators Playbook. It's is NCAA Division 1 ready and has helped produce numerous wins in the NCAA Tournament (and often, in devastating fashion).

Make no mistake about it – this is an absolute treasure chest of proven offensive plays that Billy Donovan learned from legendary coach Rick Pitino when he played for him at Providence College (and later as part of the New York Knicks).

You get 53 elite offensive plays spanning over 122 pages for you to practice and implement immediately, tweak and customize to fit your own team’s unique skills and abilities, and quickly reference “at-a-glance” forever.

These 53 plays are split accordingly:

  • 4 Transition Set Plays
  • 43 Man Set Plays
  • 2 Zone Offense Plays
  • 4 Baseline Out of Bounds Plays versus Zone Offense

In a nutshell, you’re getting killer offensive plays that you can start applying in practice and real-game situations right away – and if you ever need to refresh your memory on the inner guts of a specific play, all you need to do is just double-click your electronic playbook and voila – it’s instantly ready to be dissected.

For a limited time, you can snatch this gem and start dominating your opponents for just $15.00. Do you not let this opportunity pass you buy. Get the edge over the competition (and other coaches) - this playbook is available for immediate download right here.

See you on the winning side!

To Your Success,

Coach Peterman

Get Your Hands on the “Game-Tested” Division I Offensive Playbook That Has Produced Two NCAA National Championships, Multiple Final Four Appearances, and Hundreds of Wins I’ve got a special treat for you guys today – you&r
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