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Biblical Hebrew Made Easy: The Complete System

Biblical Hebrew Made Easy: The Complete System BHME-C-1-1
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Why Should You Invest in this Book if You are a Hebrew Student?

Do you want to do more than merely "pass," or "survive" Biblical Hebrew?  Do you find it difficult or impossible to remember all the various paradigm inflections and challenging vocabulary of Hebrew?
If you have struggled with Hebrew in the past and would you like to have true competency in reading and parsing Biblical Hebrew, this text is essential for your library.  Why? The truth is this: learning a language is primarily memory driven. If you do not have confidence in your memory, you are at a severe handicap.
Learn from the Best Memories in All History
I have taken several memory techniques from antiquity and combined and simplified them for a highly effective method of learning Biblical Hebrew.  The ancients had prodigious memories. There was a necessity for their memory. It is not that pre-moderns were "smarter," but had trained memories.  
Oddly, there is a certain "chronological snobbery" against these powerful techniques. "Mnemonics," or memory aids, are labeled as "silly" or "childish."  Yet more information was learned by heartwith these methods in antiquity than modern man will even accept as possible. The results for today? Poor memories that retain little information -- and what is retained is violently and painfully pounded into the short-term memory by rote and then soon forgotten. What a waste of your time (and money)!
You CAN Learn Biblical Hebrew
I want to show you, in a simple manner, how you too can learn quickly and deeply impress your memory with the necessary information needed to understand and translate Hebrew. If you've failedto learn Hebrew before, it is not because you lack the necessary IQ! 
I guarantee you, there is no other book on Biblical Hebrew that teaches this method of learning Biblical Hebrew by heart that is an enjoyable and creative process.
Who Should NOT Buy this Book
This method is not based on "rote" memory. I will warn you, if you feel that "rote" memory is the best method of memorizing, do not buy this book!  If you feel that the "smart" way to learn (and any other method is a sign of a "weak intellect" or is "cheating"), do not buy this book! 
If you are open to learning in a different, creative and visual manner that forces your attention (crucial in remembering anything) in an enjoyable method, you owe it to yourself to invest in your memory. 
Train Your Memory to Learn Hebrew with this Comprehensive System
The "Complete System" is the compilation of two of my books, "Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!" and "The Triad System" in one volume of nearly 400 pages!
How will you benefit from this complete system of memorization? 
You will learn:
  • Over 500 vocabulary words in Biblical Hebrew.
  • How to differentiate between words that sound-alike (homophones) in Hebrew with ease.
  • How to create strong mnemonics for Hebrew words that will trigger the definitions in your mind when you encounter the word in the Hebrew text or hear the word.
  • Learn the seven different Hebrew stems (Binyan) and their basic meanings with memory helps that are both aural and visual!
  • Learn the Qal Strong Perfect, Imperfect, Imperative, Participle and more without rote drilling exercises!
  • How to move about quickly and confidently finding any "person" (1st, 2nd or 3rd, singular or plural) without having to repeat the entire paradigm!
  • How to create a "Memory Book" that will speed your learning process.
  • Much More!


PLEASE NOTE: This is a Non-Print, PDF Edition of this title.

Why Should You Invest in this Book if You are a Hebrew Student? Do you want to do more than merely "pass," or "survive" Biblical Hebrew? Do you find it difficult or impossible to remember all the various paradigm inflec
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