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SHIRLEY & SHELLIE ~Printable Magnetic Paper Doll Friends

SHIRLEY & SHELLIE ~Printable Magnetic Paper Doll Friends STPprDolls
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~SHIRLEY Temple Paper Dolls~                                                   ~Made from 1950's~Sewing Pattern Illustrations~

Say "Howdy" to SHIRLEY & SHELLIE!
The "Sewing~Pattern* Paper Doll Friends!"
Shirley & Shellieare ready to have some fun!
Dressing in "Twin" Outfits
With over 24 matching Wardrobe Pieces EACH!                               based on the McCall Pattern "Movie Star"  Doll clothes patterns from the 1950's!
Hats and Bonnets!
Dresses - long and short!
2 Pantsuits!
Pajamas and matching Robes!
Fancy International Costumes!
Coats and a Cape too!
The girls have lots of Toys too!
Dolls, Teddy Bears, Balls and even...
And they have their own Closet!
which you can cut out and put together with real "doors"!
To "hang-up" their clothes -Nice and Neat!
And a Matching Dresser of "Drawers"
Where you can store the dolls and their toys!
You can Download this
BEAUTIFUL & FUN PAPER DOLL SET PDF file RIGHT NOW!  You can then PRINT Shirley & Shellie from your own computer.  These little paperdoll girls can be beautifully printed out on Regular Paper and you can use a Scotch REMOVABLE ADHESIVE Glue Stick works like "post-its" to attach the clothes ~so there are no annoying tabs to cut out.  You may want to print these Paper Doll Friends and their Furniture out on heavier "tag" or "card stock" paper
I have included a page of just the girls and some accessories and the "furniture"for this purpose.
The gluestick is available at Walmart for about $1.50

Or,if you'd like, you can print the Paper Dolls onto MAGNETIC PAPER,
If you decide to use the magnetic paper available at Walmart - $7.99 for 5 sheets  Print them out in no time with your InkJet Printer
and then simply & easily cut them out with regular scissors
& place the GIRLS on your FRIDGE,
or other metal surface~ We even made it portable & used a small COOKIE SHEET" ~ & Let the FUN begin!

So, either way, you avoid messing with "tabs"  This is a "must have" for the Grandkids!  It's a lot of fun for the adults to play with too!

Watch for MORE "Pattern Paper Dolls" in the near future!
SEE ALSO ~ Carol Davey's FEDORA ROSEthe Original Red Hat Lady Paperdoll!  And her Granddaughters - Scarlet and Violet!
Dress them up in her Red Hattery And have TEA & SCONES too!

 PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THIS: Buying this Paperdoll gives you the right to print Shirley & Shellie out as many times as you want for your immediate family only.
All photos, text, wording, images, layout and designs in my auctions are COPYRIGHTED & the intellectual property of “Emailed Vintage Patterns” and Carol B. Davey, and may not be reproduced, copied or used in ANY way, shape or form without my permission Thank you!

~SHIRLEY Temple Paper Dolls~&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&n
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