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Purgatory- The Rich and Coyote Graveyard bands 1989

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Artist:   The Rich and "Coyote Graveyard" 

Author:   Richard Del Connor, "Richard O'Connor" 

Project Format:   live rock band and Solo Coyote 

Price:   $8.88  (zip download of 11 songs) 

Format:  320kb mp3  (highest quality) 

Book Publisher:   Shaolin Communications 

Release Date:   2012 (recorded in 1989-90) 


PURGATORY was the soul searching journey of Richard Del Connor, The Coyote, in 1989 as he sought to improve his life and relaunch his Shaolin Records and Shaolin Film companies, which were known as, Shaolin Film & Records.


Shaolin Film and www.shaolinFILM.com became the library museum of The Hippy Coyote's film photography of 1980 to 1994. Coyote used specially wrapped film spools of the same movie film 35mm stock he used in the commercials and music videos he produced or worked in as a Lighting Director or Cinematographer. www.shaolinPICTURES.com is the movie and video company of Richard Del Connor since 1995. 


PURGATORY is a journal. Coyote collected his thoughts, poetry, music, and life into a multimedia autobiography that led him to marry Michelle, have a daughter, and move to Utah.


Here's the basic part of the story. Some of the songs from 1989 that portray the life and world of American Zen, then known as the "Coyote Graveyard" version of The Rich.

Artist: The Rich and "Coyote Graveyard" Author: Richard Del Connor, "Richard O'Connor" Project Format: live rock band and Solo Coyote Price: $8.88 (zip download of 11 songs) Format: 320kb mp3 (hi
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