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Performance Concepts: Dialogies on Training Theories

Performance Concepts: Dialogies on Training Theories TGG.3
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The Gait Guys
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In this video Drs Allen and Waerlop discuss some training theories and tenets that need to be considered when designing or implementing a new training program. Topic covered include:


• What is the definition of the core and what does it entail ?

• Physiologic overflow of muscles with respect to joint motion

• Isotonic Exercise concepts

• Physiologic characteristics of muscle types

• Strength Training: Neural Adaptation

• Motor Pattern Muscle Compensation Concepts

• Exercise Prescription Concepts

• Hip Extension Motor Pattern: A discussion on compensations

• Neurologic Reciprocal Inhibition: Principles of joint movement and stability

• The Concept of Tight and Short Muscles: They are different

• Stretching: Good or Bad


1 hour 5 minutes

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