Camtasia Studio 4 Video-Create Your Own Videos in 1 Hr

Camtasia Studio 4 Video-Create Your Own Videos in 1 Hr Camtasia

  In Less Than One Hour You Will Learn How To Create Your Own Profit Pulling Professional Quality Videos Using Camtasia Studio 4. There's Big Money In Video Production. Learn How To Get Your Piece Of The Pie! This Simple Step By Step Video Series Shows You How.         Date: May 31, 2007 Time: 8:17 AM From The Desk Of: Digital Download Vault Dear Reader: Online videos has become the hottest thing on the internet. People of all ages are looking for videos for entertainment and education. Getting the exposure you deserve has never been easier since the launch of Google Video and Youtube. Hundreds of thousands of people visit these sites every day. They are all looking to be entertained or to learn something. It is time to get on the proper side of this trend. The timing simply couldn't be better for you to start profiting from this trend. Starting up at the front end of a trend will increase your chances of success. That is where you are today. Let's look at some examples of what happens when you are on the right side of a trend. Let's consider the "Baby Boomer" generation. After World War II there was a baby explosion - er - maybe that's the wrong phrase. Let's call it a massive influx of newborns. The people on the front end of that trend were the ones that were supplying baby items. As the boomers became toddlers it was the toy manufacturers that cleaned up. Then as they progressed in age the trends kept changing. When the boomers wanted cars it was the car manufacturers that were at the front of the trend - then later home builders, and so on. So what am I getting at? I am saying that you are on the front of that trend. The even better news is that it is here to stay. We Are Trained To Embrace The Visual Media Think about it for a moment. How much time does the average person spend in front of the television? Many hours daily. It has been easy for the average person to make the jump to online video. In fact, I dare say that people who have embraced online video spend more time watching these videos than they do watching television. This makes it even easier to get yourself in front of the world. The Wonderful World Of Video Have a look at the training video snipet below. Notice how much easier it is to understand what is being said when you can see what is being done at the same time. That i the power of video, and that is why people are actively seeking out instructional videos. The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here. The market is ready to purchase instructional video off of the internet. All you have to do is find some information people are looking for and produce a video that shows them how to accomplish their goal. Here Are Some Ideas That You Can Put Into Action Right Away Produce Videos to sell off of a web site Produce Videos To Sell As Downloadable Products On Auction Sites. Produce a DVD from your Videos to Sell On Auction Sites Produce Short Videos To Post On Youtube To Direct Traffic To Your Site It's Easier Than You Think.. I know you are thinking to yourself - "I don't know how to make videos". Don't let that disuade you. It really isn't all that difficult if you have some guidance. That is where this video series comes in. In no time at all you will find yourself cranking out videos that will start making the money you deserve. You will learn exactly how to record a video from your computer screen, edit it, and produce it so it is all ready to distribute to your customers. If you can do it on your computer screen you can teach others to do it - and make big money in the process. You receive 55 minutes of video instruction that takes you step by step through the process of using Camtasia Studio to create professional quality videos. These videos are specifically geared towards the beginner. The Videos Video One - An Introduction to Camtasia Studio. - Running Time : 6:55 Video Two - Recording And Editing Your Video. - Running Time : 7:27 Video Three - More Editing Options. - Running Time : 6:32 Video Four - More Editing Options. - Running Time : 7:19 Video Five - Producing your Video. - Running Time : 18:57 Video 6 - Creating A Camtasia Theater Project. - Running Time : 7:34 Once you finish watching these videos you will have all of the knowledge you need to start producing your own videos and start making big dollars from them. The timing couldn't be better. It is time to take action and get started now. For a small $27 investment you will be well on your way to a successful business producing educational videos. Click The Button Below To Get Your Copy Instantl Via Download.         You'll be accessing Camtasia Studio Videos in just a few minutes!   To YOUR Success! Digital Download Vault  P.S. - You really are at a turning point. Producing your own instructional videos can be very profitable. 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&nbsp In Less Than One Hour You Will Learn How To Create Your Own Profit Pulling Professional Quality Videos Using Camtasia Studio 4. There's Big Money In Video Production. Learn How To Get Your Piece Of The Pie! This Simple Step B
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