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Planning A Conference Or Seminar!

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Buy and Download Description So you've never been in charge of a conference or seminar before? Are you nervous yet? If you've started working on the paperwork yet, I bet you've noticed the enormous task that is ahead of you. And if when I say the word "paperwork," and you ask "what paperwork...?" ...then you've got an even bigger challenge ahead of you. Knowing all the small and often overlooked details involved with running a successful conference or seminar is near impossible. Near impossible if you don't have experience on your side. The best way to alert yourself to the coming situations, problems, and conflicts that are bound to happen in only a short time... to track down some solid information that will warn you of impending disasters before they happen. When you're the one they'll hold responsible, it's best not to hold back when getting prepared! "You Don't Have To Be An Expert Manager To Pull Off A Successful Conference Or Seminar!" Not anyone can pull off a successful conference or seminar. It takes a person with drive and initiative - that not everyone has. But NO ONE can pull off a conference or seminar without some solid advice from someone who knows all the intricate details that you'll be held responsible for. My 50 page report, "Planning A Conference Or Seminar," is your expert sharing with you 1 on 1 all the details you need to know. Now you'll receive the heads up on situations before they arise with my thoroughly researched guide that you can download straight to your computer. It's packed with information you'll find a way to use right away. In fact... is just SOME of the information you will find inside: The one priceless tool you can use to plan your conference. (Page 5) How to make a checklist to keep your seminar from becoming an unorganized mess. (Pages 5-6) How to put together a committee that will transform a big task into several easily managed areas. (Page 7) How to create a mini-hierarchy inside your committee to take some of the stress off of you - the head honcho. (Page 8) What expert managers do when they need to make sure their committee is doing the best job possible. (Page 9) 8 steps to follow when setting up your budget. (Pages 10-11) 4 ways to get local organizations to donate to your conference. (Pages 11-12) 5 ways to keep costs down at your seminar. (Pages 12-13) Warning! Before you start planning meals for your conference, make sure you follow this advice. (Pages 13-15) Tips for planning a menu on a tight budget. (Page 15) 12 important questions to consider when planning your food and beverage functions. (Page 15) How to handle RSVP's that don't make it in when the guests do. (Page 17) 9 important factors to consider when choosing a caterer. (Pages 18-19) How to create a timeline that works and won't leave you cramming to get work done at the end. With examples! (Pages 19-23) 3 factors to consider when deciding how large your conference can be. (Page 24) What mistakes to avoid when hiring a DJ. (Pages 26-27) 6 tips for selecting a DJ that is right for your conference or seminar. (Page 28) 9 factors to consider when planning a video conference. (Pages 29-30) 6 tips for recording a professional video conference. (Pages 30-31) How to choose the correct microphone for your video conference. (Pages 31-32) 4 keys to making your seminar work. (Page 34) 3 things expert seminar hosts will do to increase the number of people who decide to invest. (Page 35) The little known secret about how far in advance you should announce your seminar. (Page 36) How to realistically figure the number of people who will attend your seminar. (Page 37) 4 reasons to consider charging a fee for your seminar. (Page 38) The insider's secret to using the Event Title to increase attendance. (Page 38) How to boost attendance with marketing partners. (Page 39) 17 "Quick Tips" for hosting a successful seminar. (Pages 39-40) 16 things conference or seminar attendees expect from you. (Pages 40-41) 10 matters that will leave your conference or seminar guests with a bitter taste in their mouth. (Pages 41-42) 10 mistakes to avoid when planning your conference or seminar. (Pages 42-45) 8 ways to handle the stress when organizing an event. (Pages 45-46) 25 tips, tricks, and tactics for getting the most seats filled for your conference or seminar possible. (Pages 46-47) 7 tips for making sure you profit from your seminar. (Page 48) And there's MUCH more - guaranteed! "Have you made these mistakes already?" When you are in charge of organizing a conference or seminar, the buck stops with you. If somebody forgets to tell the caterer who likes to cook with beef, that your conference is for the Association of Die Hard Vegetarians...'re going to be the center of a lot of hungry and irritated conference attendees. What a nightmare! Hopefully you have the foresight to stop such a travesty from happening in the first place. But it's understandable, even undeniable, that one man or woman is not going to think up everything that could go wrong on their own. Instead that's our job. Pages 42-45 of our expert guide are dedicated to making sure you don't make any of these 10 very common mistakes. We give you the heads up before you walk into the problem. Nobody shows up for your seminar? Maybe you didn't know that you sent your announcements WAY too early. But page 36 would have told you all you need to know to make sure you let the world know about your even at just the right time for the best response possible. My expert guide will help you from day 1. I'll show you how to make checklists that will keep you organized and make sure no detail is forgotten. I'll have you creating timelines that will keep you stress free and organized, along with the rest of your conference committee. (I'll show you to set one those up too - and even how to set up an efficient hierarchy to ease the burden on you.) A wise man learns from another's mistakes. You can learn from 50 pages of my research, experience, and mistakes - written down in an easy to read format. Ready for you to sit down and tear through all the important information you'll need to know. So you've never been in charge of a conference or seminar before? Are you nervous yet? If you've started working on the paperwork yet, I bet you've noticed the enormous task that is ahead of you. And if when I say the word "paperwork," and you ask
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