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Constipation by Dr. J.H. Tilden

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Buy and Download Description The wisdom and completeness of this book by Dr. J.H. Tilden of The Tilden Health School, is outstanding and revealing. It looks like our modern medical industry never did learn or understand much of what medical professionals of yesteryear have experienced and researched. I am quite astounded that our culture still tries to address illnesses and symptoms with drugs and operations. There is VERY little acceptance of disease as a unit, and too much blind acceptance of just dealing with isolated symptoms! You’ll find a few surprises in this book on constipation. It’s not your usual “cure” of more water, more fibre and more exercise! From reading “Constipation, a Reading on the Subject”, my own understanding on this disease has definitely changed and deepened. Some books are for reading, this one is for study and practice! There are insightful discussions on toxemia as the cause of all disease, and that constipation is a universal and the commonest disease to which man is heir. Dr. Tilden’s experience is extensive: After practicing haphazard medicine and conventional surgery for twenty-five years, and toxemia for twenty-five years, I unhesitatingly affirm that there is no excuse for drugs; and perhaps ten per cent of the surgery practiced in time of peace is legitimate. In war, where the injured are taken care of wholesale and without all the conveniences, anesthetics and opiates should be used in moderation, but never to the extent of educating the boys into "drug fiends." There can be but one reason given for this universal bowing down to prevailing medical fallacy, and that I have given above. The majority of physicians are agreed that germs cause disease, but the time will come when all must agree that germs are one of many factors. Many who read my writings get the idea that I do not believe in germs; this, too, in spite of my constant protestation that toxemia, the toxins of which are partly, but secondarily, derived from the toxin of bacteria, is the cause of all diseases. Of course I believe in germs. I believe in yeast, but yeast is not the cause of bread, but is one factor in good bread-making. I believe in enzymes, but enzyme is not the cause of tissue-building. I believe in the germ that is the nucleus of being. I believe in the germinal nucleus as an individualizing factor, but impotent without auxiliary aid. Germs must have environing factors and physical auxiliaries to a successful generation of specificity. In the chapter of Causes of Constipation, would you believe that “water drinking” is one of them! Dr. Tilden says on water-drinking: There is one cause of constipation that is of my own discovery, so far as I know, and it is more far-reaching than thinkers on these lines will be willing to admit for years to come, namely, excessive water drinking … Water drinking after eating--after leaving the table--is disease-producing. I mean drinking anything, any of the table beverages. In this, as well as eating and other habits, there will be people who break all laws with apparent impunity, but they are the exception and they will pay in full in time. In eating, the food should be so balanced as to supply nature's demands for fluid without drinking water or other table beverages. The water in the fresh fruits, vegetable salads and milk will supply all fluids needed if eaten in proper amounts. Dry food, such as meat, bread, potatoes, pies, puddings, and cakes, causes thirst. It is a safe statement to make that all meals making a demand for water or fluid within one or two hours after eating are not properly balanced, or an excess has been eaten. We hear such remarks as: Water is the natural solvent and should be used abundantly--impossible to use it too much; that our bodies are three-fourths water and our brains nine-tenths water; hence unless large quantities are used dire consequences will result. To water drinking there is a limit, the same as to bread and meat eating. Some doctors tell us that bread is the staff of life, and then they proceed to calcify, ossify and petrify everyone who will come unto them and take their advice; even the advocates of the staff of life theory mentally petrify and remain, as Lot's wife, pillars of salt--proving the staying qualities of the food. Another important concept in this book is enervation. I personally found this concept a confirmation to my own experience but never had the knowledge or ability to express its importance in a concrete way: Constipation, like all other so-called diseases, is an affection--a symptom--not a disease; hence, whatever the cause of perverted health--perverted secretions and excretions--it must be sought out and removed. Where enervation and toxemia are established, there is always a lowering of all organic functioning. Constipation means lowered bowel functioning--lack of secretions and excretionsand to restore lost tone to the bowels, the nervous system must be brought back to the normal. To cure constipation then means to restore the nervous system and blood to the normal, and that means correcting or removing any influence that uses up nerve energy, lowering the health standard. How is one to know when energy is being used beyond normal supply? The blanket term discomfort may be used. Health means comfort. By a flagging of organic functioning--by pain and various discomforts: sluggish bowels--symptoms of indigestion-gas distension--malnutrition--headache--short breath-palpitation -tired feeling--bad taste in mouth--bad breath--coated tongue--under weight-over weight--an unpoised state of the emotions--mental dullness and inefficiency, etc. Suppose there are no symptoms such as these named, yet common sense and observation declare habits are like those of people who are suffering. Then one must be governed by reason. It is rational to believe that bad habits will in time break the strongest constitution; then the prudent will not wait until compelled to reform, for it may be too late. Dr. J.H. Tilden is the author of many books in the earlier part of the 1900s: Food 2 Vols, Care of Children, Diseases of Women and Easy Childbirth, Appendicitis, Venereal Diseases, Pocket Dietitian, Impaired Health, Its Cause and Cure," 2 Vols, Epilepsy, Hay Fever, and more. Here's the Table of Contents: Preface Introduction Man’s first sickness Intoxication habit Drug habit Constipation is universal A few common symptoms of intoxication Constipation is man’s disease Fasting a bactericide Organic interdependence Chapter 1: Toxemia, the Efficient (First) Cause of All Disease The Garden of Eden legend in the light of toxemia Chapter 2: Causes of Constipation Toxemia Enervation Water-drinking Lack of coarse food Carlessness in responding to nature’s call Daily mevements necessary Man is not a machine Dry mouth and its meaning Overeating Fermentation A lack of Poise Mental constipation Lack of Exercise Chapter 3: Treatment General treatment The enema cure Diet cure Oxygenated and deoxygenated foods Cellulose in fruits Food deprived of life Exercise cure Exercises used at the Tilden Health School Water cu The wisdom and completeness of this book by Dr. J.H. Tilden of The Tilden Health School, is outstanding and revealing. It looks like our modern medical industry never did learn or understand much of what medical professionals of yesteryear have expe
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