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Perfect EYESIGHT ebook 20/20 vision NO glasses/disease

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Buy and Download Description Perfect Sight Without Glasses The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses The Bates Method Would you like to regain your eyesight NATURALLY, without glasses, contact lenses, surgery or drugs? You CAN benefit from the Bates Method if you have: Myopia Hyperopia Astigmatism Presbyopia Strabismus Amplyopia Cataract Glaucoma Macular degeneration And read on if: Your eyesight is deteriorating You’re tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses Your eyes tire easily You have frequent headaches You spend hours and hours reading and working from a computer screen. Developed by William H. Bates M. D., THE BATES METHOD can help you regain your vision NATURALLY. This method focuses on replacing bad visual habits (straining) with good visual habits. Most visual problems are caused by straining to see, which manifests in different ways such as creating tension in the muscles around the eyeball, and even in the rest of the body! Here is a simple explanation of bad eyesight or eyesight with refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism). Bad eyesight is almost always accompanied by tension, headaches and eyestrain. This means there is also tension in the muscles around the eyeball. These muscle tensions lead to CONTRACTED muscles. Contraction in these muscles puts pressure to the eyeball, and therefore changes the SHAPE of the eyeball. The result is myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Can you see that the point of the Bates Method is to remove the MENTAL strain that underlies the PHYSICAL tension? All the different techniques in the Bates Method are simply different ways to achieve deep and purposeful RELAXATION. I remember as a 16-year-old, I took this book out of the library and actually applied the techniques. I so desperately wanted to have 20/20 vision even at that age! My peers laughed at me and I became discouraged. Now, having read the research again with more maturity I will start again with renewed motivation! This is actually a simple method. But as in anything, simple does not mean EASY. It means it takes effort and persistence. But to encourage you, you’ll see in this book that success has been proven by the many testimonies of cured eyesight, as well as plenty of experimental data to back them up. What’s shocking and shameful, is that many modern eye professionals do not even know of or accept Dr. Bates work! Why? Probably because of its "simplicity" and seemingly "unscientificness". People have used the Bates Method for a long time-and it works! It is true that some people have failed with this method as I did as a teenager. But the failure is in lack of confidence and persistence! This information is educational in nature and no one can guarantee your success. But if you can learn, understand and use techniques here, you will benefit and see improvement! How it works The main idea of the Bates method is CENTRAL FIXATION, which means seeing BEST where you are looking. Pardon me? In good eyesight, you look at the part that is in BEST focus (this is the point of maximum vision), and not at other parts that are probably blurry. In myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, this ability in the eye is LOST, and the eye sees equally well, or better, AWAY from the point of fixation. So the way to regain perfect eyesight is to regain central fixation, not just in eyesight, but in our other senses as well as our mind. Did you know that our eyes depend on MOVEMENT. If you FIXATE your eyes for more than a second or so, you will see blurriness and loss of vision. It is well known physiologically that our eyes depend on movement but people usually forget this fact in regards to visual troubles. Did you know that when people with good eyesight see an object, it appears to pulsate, move from side to side, up and down, or obliquely. This apparent movement is due to the shifting of the eye, and is in a direction contrary to its movement. People with good eyesight may not be conscious of this illusion, and may have difficulty in demonstrating it, but most people can learn to become aware of it. REGAINING this illusion is essential in curing imperfect sight. Perfect sight means perfect relaxation of the mind, as well as perfect memory and perfect imagination. When one aspect is perfect the others are perfect. The opposite is also true. When the memory or the imagination is imperfect, the sight is imperfect. We see very largely with the MIND, and only PARTLY with the eyes. Therefore improving vision depends on improving our MEMEORY and IMAGINATION. The delightful Story of Emily THE efficacy of the method of treating imperfect sight without glasses presented in this book has been demonstrated in thousands of cases, not only in my own practice but in that of many persons of whom I may not even have heard; for almost all patients, when they are cured, proceed to cure others. At a social gathering one evening, a lady told me that she had met a number of my patients; but when she mentioned their names, I found that I did not remember any of them and said so. "That is because you cured them by proxy," she said. "You didn't directly cure Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Brown, but you cured Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Smith cured the other ladies. You didn't treat Mr. and Mrs. Simpkins, or Mr. Simpkins' mother and brother; but you may remember that you cured Mr. Simpkins' boy of a squint, and he cured the rest of the family." In schools where the Snellen test card was used to prevent and cure imperfect sight, the children, after they were cured themselves, often took to the practice of ophthalmology with the greatest enthusiasm and success, curing their fellow students, their parents and their friends. They made a kind of game of the treatment, and the progress of each school case was watched with the most intense interest by all the children. On a bright day, when the patients saw well, there was great rejoicing, and on a dark day there was corresponding depression. One girl cured twenty-six children in six months; another cured twelve in three months; a third developed quite a varied ophthalmological practice, and did things of which older and more experienced practitioners might well have been proud. Going to the school which she attended one day, I asked this girl about her sight, which had been very imperfect. She replied that it was now very good, and that her headaches were quite gone. I tested her sight and found it normal. Then another child whose sight had also been very poor spoke up. "I can see all right too," she said. "Emily"- indicating girl No. l- "cured me." "Indeed!" I replied. "How did she do that?" The second girl explained that Emily had had her read the card, which she could not see at all from the back of the room, at a distance of a few feet. The next day she had moved it a little farther away, and so on, until the patient was able to read it from the back of the room, just as the other children did. Emily now told her to cover the right eye and read the card with her left, and both girls were considerably upset to find that the uncovered eye was apparently blind. The school doctor was consulted and said that nothing could be done. The eye had been blind from birth and no treatment would do any good. Nothing daunted, however, Emily undertook the treatment. She told the patient to cover her good eye and go up close to the card, and at a distance of a foot or less it was found that she could read even the small letters. The little practitioner then proceeded confidently as with the other eye, and after many months of practice the patient became the happy possessor of normal vision in both eyes. The case had, in fact, been simply one of high myopia, and the school doctor, not being a specialist, had not detected the difference between this condition and blindness. In the same classroom, there had been a little girl with congenital cataract, but on the occ Perfect Sight Without Glasses The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses The Bates Method Would you like to regain your eyesight NATURALLY, without glasses, contact lenses, surgery or drugs? You CAN benefit from the Bates Meth
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