TALKING HEADS Popular Favorites (1976-1992) (SIRE RECORDS) (33 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

TALKING HEADS Popular Favorites (1976-1992) (SIRE RECORDS) (33 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM mp3-album-00446
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TALKING HEADS Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand In The Vaseline (1992) (SIRE RECORDS) (33 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand In The Vaseline (1992) (SIRE RECORDS) (33 TRACKS)
Talking Heads

Album Description:

POPULAR FAVORITES 1976-1992: SAND IN THE VASELINE is a 33 song compilation album released by Talking Heads in 1992. It contains two previously unreleased demos ("Sugar on My Tongue," "I Want to Live"), two new tracks ("Love? Building on Fire," "I Wish You Wouldn''t Say That") and three newly finished songs ("Gangster of Love," "Lifetime Piling Up" and "Popsicle"). The latter three tracks were all based on outtakes from previous sessions and had been polished and finished exclusively for release on this compilation.


Proving you could rock despite having attended the Rhode Island School of Design, Talking Heads'' innovative brand of downtown art-pop featured David Byrne''s manic yelp, pointed lyrics about mundane subjects, and R&B-meets-Velvet Underground grooves, all without ever tipping over into pretension. The group began making twitchy pop in the punk era, but by the early-1980''s the Heads had graduated to a dense, funky style incorporating a phalanx of additional musicians including Adrian Belew and P-Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell. They made a slight return to their pop/rock roots before imploding at the end of the 1980''s, moving on to solo projects and production work.


When the band split up, the folks at Sire clearly had their work cut out for them in assembling this 33 track compilation, as it is hard to know where to begin when anthologizing a band as hugely influential as the Talking Heads. They took the sensible route, culling the best tunes from each album and assembling them chronologically, with a couple of previously unreleased bonus cuts thrown in to spice things up. The band''s herky-jerky, nerd-with-a-guitar CBGB''s days are represented by the anthemic "Psycho Killer." The expansion of their sonic palette is marked by their quirky cover of Al Green''s "Take Me to the River" and the African-sounding "I Zimbra." The revolutionary funk-new wave hybrid of REMAIN OF LIGHT represented here in the form of "Crosseyed and Painless" and the transcendent "Once in a Lifetime." "Burning Down the House" suggests the concept of T-Heads being an intellectual party band. The inclusion of some fiery live cuts makes it clear that the band could lay it down on the stage as well as in the studio.

POPULAR FAVORITES 1976-1992: SAND IN THE VASELINE remains to this day an ideal introduction and overview of one of the late-1970''s/early-1980''s most important bands.

Talking Heads: David Byrne (vocals, guitar); Jerry Harrison (guitar, keyboards); Tina Weymouth (bass); Chris Frantz (drums).

Personnel: David Byrne (vocals, guitar, strings, piano, keyboards, mini-Moog synthesizer, vocoder, percussion, bells); Jerry Harrison (vocals, guitar, piano, Clavinet, organ, keyboards, synthesizer, marimba, background vocals); Brian Eno (vocals, background vocals); Nona Hendryx (vocals); Tina Weymouth (guitar, flute, keyboards, bass synthesizer, background vocals); Alex Weir (guitar, background vocals); Yves N''Djock, Robert Fripp (guitar); Johnny Marr (12-string guitar); Mory Kanté (kora); Jimmy Macdonell (accordion); Mitch Frohman, Stan Harrison (alto saxophone); Lenny Pickett (tenor saxophone, brass); Al Acosta (tenor saxophone); Steve Elfon, Steve Sacks (baritone saxophone); Angel Fernandez, Laurie Frink, Ite Jerez, Earl Gardner, Steve Gluzband, Charlie Sepulveda (trumpet); Dale Turk (bass trombone); Wally Badarou (keyboards, synthesizer, congas); Bernie Worrell (keyboards); Chris Frantz (synthesizer, bass synthesizer, drums, tambourine, timbales, percussion, background vocals); Abdou M''Boup (congas, talking drum, cowbells); Manolo Badrena (congas, cowbells, shaker, wood block); Gene Wilder, Ari (congas); Brice Wassy (cowbells, shaker, percussion); Andrew Cader (rub-board); David Van Tieghem, Jose Rossy, Steve Scales (percussion); Ellen Bernfeld, Erin Dickens, Gordon Grody, Diva Gray, Edna Holt, Kurt Yahjian, Julie Last, Kirsty MacColl, Lani Groves, Lynn Mabry, Tawatha Agee, Dollette McDonald (background vocals).

Recorded at: Compass Point Studio, New Providence, Bahamas (03/1978-12/1983); Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Germany (03/1978-12/1983); Sundragon Studios, New York, NY, U.S.A. (03/1978-12/1983).

Track Listing:

1. Sugar On My Tongue - 2:34   
2. I Want To Live - 3:22   
3. Love - -> Building On Fire - 2:56   
4. I Wish You Wouldn''t Say That - 2:31   
5. Psycho Killer - 4:19   
6. Don''t Worry About The Government - 3:00   
7. No Compassion - 4:47   
8. Warning Sign - 3:55   
9. The Big Country - 5:30   
10. Take Me To The River - 5:00   
11. Heaven - 4:01   
12. Memories Can''t Wait - 3:30   
13. I Zimbra - 3:06   
14. Once In A Lifetime - 4:19   
15. Crosseyed And Painless - 4:45   
16. Burning Down The House - 4:00   
17. Swamp - 5:09   
18. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - 4:56   
19. Life During Wartime [Live] - 5:03   
20. Girlfriend Is Better [Live] - 3:32   
21. And She Was - 3:36   
22. Stay Up Late - 3:51   
23. Road To Nowhere - 4:19   
24. Wild Wild Life - 3:39   
25. Love For Sale - 4:30   
26. City Of Dreams - 5:06   
27. Mr. Jones - 4:18   
28. Blind - 4:58   
29. (Nothing But) Flowers - 5:32   
30. Sax And Violins - 5:18   
31. Gangster Of Love - 4:28   
32. Lifetime Piling Up - 3:59   
33. Popsicle - 5:19
TALKING HEADS Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand In The Vaseline (1992) (SIRE RECORDS) (33 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand In The Vaseline (1992) (SIRE RECORDS) (33 TRACKS)Talking Heads Album Description: POPULAR FAVORI
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