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SCIENTIFIC FASTING rare health ebook Heal/Detox/Cleanse

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Buy and Download Description Scientific Fasting The Ancient and Modern Key to Health A turn-of-the-century classic on healing diseases naturally In the early 1900, Dr. Linda Hazzard, an osteopath, was quietly healing all kinds of people of their "hopeless" illnesses. Nothing much has changed today; there are still lots of sick people in our culture that traditional doctors have no answers for. Modern medicine has trained its healthcare providers to treat disease without much knowledge of prevention. Dr. Hazzard said, "The doctor has studied disease and death to the exclusion of health and life." I believe that fasting IS the answer for people who are truly seeking for truth and health. Our bodies are marvellously created and designed to heal themselves, given the right conditions and information. Dr. Hazzard’s comprehensive practice and observations of fasting are recorded in this masterful scientific work. Her continuous revisions have resulted in an important record of the science of fasting. Scientific Fasting is one of the wisest book ever written on natural medicine and was written for the you and I. It’s chock-full of real cases of dramatic healing through fasting. Look what she said about cancer: Medicine seeks to "drive it in"; surgery to "cut it out"; and neither, when applied, succeeds in removing the cause. You’ll find descriptions and detailed how-tos on fasting that have been lost for almost 80 years! These are some of the topics covered inside: When and why to fast Animals fasting in nature How fasting affects the mind Short vs. long fasts Preparing for the fast Symptoms in the fast Use of the enema Auto-intoxication Children in the Fast Sexual disease in the fast Tomato Soup for Breaking a Fast The Example of Jesus The information in Scientific Fasting is as useful and valuable to you NOW as it was at the-turn-of-century! You’ll learn and understand how to heal yourself, lose weight and feel energetic. Here, Dr. Hazzard tells of her personal and professional experience in fasting: My work in natural therapy dates back nearly thirty years, to July, 1898, to be exact. As did Dr. Tanner, I arrived at my preliminary knowledge by way of illness. My girlhood, which was spent in the lake region of Minnesota, was given over to a healthful, athletic life, filled with every sort of outdoor exercise and work. My mother, who never touched animal food in her life, possessed a knowledge of dietetic combinations and of cookery, which was purely instinctive, since there were no opportunities cast her way for its acquirement. In consequence the family table was supplied mostly with food vegetarian in character. My father, who was of similar habit and belief, unfortunately at about the time I was seven years old, so far compromised with his principles as to employ a medical physician upon a yearly basis to care for the family health. This physician was convinced, as were the majority of his profession at that day, that all children harbored intestinal parasites, and that periodic doses of some vermifuge were essential. Therefore I, in company with my brothers and sisters, was given some blue mass pills, a strong mercurial preparation. I now allow, what of course I could not then suspect, that this powerful poison did irreparable injury to my intestines, retarding and preventing their development and growth to such degree that even to this day I am compelled to resort to the enema daily. After the blue mass experience, for a long time I was never well. No diet, however carefully chosen, agreed with me, and life thereafter during the rest of my childhood and well into young womanhood became a dreary search for health. In this search I learned much of what was then taught concerning dietetics both from orthodox and unorthodox sources, but no permanent relief was ever vouchsafed me until in 1898 I heard of the work and the remarkable successes of Dr. Dewey. As a result of the inspiration I thus received, with some trepidation I attempted a fast, and went four days without food. A little later I dared still more and tried fasting for one whole week, with benefits that were so pronounced that whatever reservations I may have felt vanished completely. Since then I have fasted many times, and, when necessary, for longer periods. And I attribute the robust health which now is mine as well as the comparatively lengthy span of years I have attained to the practice of what I preach, to the taking of my own medicine. Here’s one of the cases described in the book: The next case is that of a cancer located on the right eyelid of a man sixty-two years old. This malignant sore had been in evidence for twelve years and the patient had been operated upon for its removal twice in this period. Its third appearance was made in virulent form and consultation with a medical specialist resulted in renewed recommendation of the knife, to which this time the patient refused to submit. He began preparation for a fast which lasted forty-five days, at the expiration of which all that remained of the suppurating sore was a reddish scar of its former seat. Four years later his personal report of the case shows no symptom of recurrence upon eyelid or elsewhere, and an excellent state of general health. The eradication of this symptom of extreme blood impurity by means of the fast fixes the value of the method in forms of disease that are supposedly incurable. It bears out the contention that disease is one with cure, that cure lies in the application of the single method of nature, elimination, which is one with purification. Cancer is but a symptom of general disease, and it may be eradicated when its ravages have not involved an organ to the degree of rendering it incapable of function. A cancer, a tumor, are evidences of the economy of nature in gathering her forces of relief at a single point. This single point, the symptom, is ordinarily plainly apparent. Medicine seeks to "drive it in"; surgery to "cut it out"; and neither, when applied, succeeds in removing the cause. Even though the actual growth and its nearby ramifications are extirpated by means of the knife, nature is still impelled to rid the body of its circulating impurity by the construction of destructive cells, and only blood purification can accomplish a cure. Here are some excerpts from the book: True Hunger Disappears When Disease Approaches WHEN disease appears in humankind, it is, as said before, not only a cautionary but a curative process. A disturbing element needs removal; tired and abused organs need rest and repair. Instinctively real food desire, true hunger, disappears; in fact, for some time previous to actual disability, hunger has been absent. Appetite or stimulated demand for sustenance may, however, be in evidence and may remain in evidence even after illness is manifest; but disease and hunger cannot exist at the same time in the human body. Auto-Intoxication Whenever, because of organs functionally incapacitated for any reason, the products of food and tissue waste cannot be evacuated through proper channels, general poisoning of the blood stream occurs. The resulting condition is known as auto-intoxication, or toxemia, referred to previously as a state of unbalance when both secretion and excretion are checked and the blood is surcharged with waste to the degree of developing a crisis or acute disease. This state gives rise in the subject to manifestations that may become alarming. The brain may be affected to the extent of mild delirium, hiccoughs persistent in character may occur, or the patient may sink into stupor; and there are other forms which the symptoms may take that will cause distress. Scientific Fasting is hard to find, and if you find it, you may pay from $25 -$75! This will be a valuable addition to your natural health collection. This 190-page ebook is complete and unabridged. It has been reformatted Scientific Fasting The Ancient and Modern Key to Health A turn-of-the-century classic on healing diseases naturally In the early 1900, Dr. Linda Hazzard, an osteopath, was quietly healing all kinds of people of their "hopeless" illnesses. Nothin
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