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Bujinkan Black Belt Curriculum Guide

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For the "Basics of Ninja Training" Downloadable Video Course
(The Guide Supplements the 62 video lessons, videos not included)

Bujinkan (Ninja) "Shodan
(1st Degree Black Belt Course) 

This is a printable guide, 39 pages, PDF

This Shodan Curriculum guide supplements the Bujinkan/Ninjutsu DOWNLOADABLE black belt video course presented by Ninja Learning Network.  The "Basics of Ninja Training" video course instructs students all over the world who are on their way to earning a first degree black belt, also known as "Shodan" rank, in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, the ancient art of the Ninja. 

(Note: This printed curriculum will be delivered to you for free if you purchase the videos and related material as seen in the "Virtual Ninja Package" Click for details.)

Knowledge of this subject matter and terminology, proven ability to perform the maneuvers, demonstration of fluency with the maneuvers allowing successful interaction with other students, and the adherence to the tenets of Bujinkan as disseminated by Soke Hatsumi in Japan are all required for a student to pass their first degree black belt Shodan rank test at the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo, where this program was developed by 10th Dan Sensei Roemke.  Students who acquire the entire set of video lessons may receive personal instruction through video assessment and live training at that dojo with potential to pass a genuine Shodan test and earn a 1st-degree black belt from an authorized Bujinkan Sensei.
(click here for information about the videos and black belt ranking)

This guide explains more about the 62 video lessons (not included) that are organized into 9 traditional "Kyu" lessons. The guide includes information not mentioned in the videos as well. It explain dozens of maneuvers, approach to training, and historical facts about Bujinkan. The General categories of Bujinkan (Ninja) learnig that are explained in this guide, and the associated video lessons are:

Junan Taiso - Body Conditioning

Kamae - "Postures"

Taihenjutsu - "Body Movement / Body Position Changing Techniques"
     Ukemi - "Breakfalls"
     Kaiten - "Rolls"
     Shiho Tenchi Tobi - "The Four Ways of Heaven/Earth Leaping"
     Kiten - Flips
     Kuten - Handsprings

Dakentaijutsu - "Striking Techniques"
     Hoken Juroppo Ken - The Sixteen Secret Fists
     Keri - Kicking
     Uke Nagashi - Receiving Flow
     Shinobi Aruki - Silent Walking
Tai Sabaki - "Body Movement/Evasion"

Ashi Sabaki - "Leg/Foot Movement/Evasion"

Zanshin - "Awareness"

Kihon Happo - "The Eight Basic Ways"
     Koshi Kihon Sanpo - "The Three Basic Ways of Striking"
     Torite Goho Gata - "The Five Forms of Grappling"

San Shin No Kata - "The Three Hearts Forms"

Hajutsu Kuho - "The Eight Techniques and Nine Ways"
     Tehodoki - "Wrist Escapes"
     Taihodoki - "Body Escapes"

Gyaku Waza - "Reversal Techniques

Nage Waza - "Throwing Techniques

Jime Waza - "Choking Techniques

Kuzushi - "Off Balancing" with Physical and Mental Techniques

Weapons - Shinken Mutodori Gata - "Sword Evasion Skills" and Other Weapons

Kyusho - Weakness Points Used to Create Pain, Confusion and Distraction

Metsubishi - Deceptive Distraction (Physical and Psychological)

"Angle/Distance/Timing" - The Three Most important Elements of All Motion

Weapons explained in this course:

The Mind
Hanbo - Short Staff
Katana - Sword
Rokushaku Bo - Long staff
Shoto - Short Sword
Tanto - Knife 
Kusari Fundo - Chain w/tips
Kunai, Tessen, Jute - Blades
Shuriken - Throwing Blades
Shuko - Hand claws
Naginata and Yari - Spears
Kyoketsu Shoge - Rope/Ring
Hand Guns
Pens, cups, keys, dirt

Click here to view sample videos and get detailed information about the content of each Kyu lesson - there are 9 of them.

Instruction is presented by Sensei Roemke and instructors at the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo.  Sensei Roemke has studied Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for almost two decades and is licensed to teach by Soke Hatsumi. A 10th Dan practitioner, he created the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo over a decade ago and specializes in all weapons including Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu ("the art of sword drawing and cutting.") A former New York state Tae Kwon Do Champion, Sensei Roemke is also trained in Kenpo Kung Fu, DeCuerdas Eskrima, Seibukan Jujutsu and military fighting tactics of the Army 10th Mountain Infantry. He founded the Santa Cruz Bujinkan Dojo which sponsors the Budo Club at University of California Santa Cruz.

This information is provided for mental reference only. Train at your own risk and do not engage in actual physical training with direct supervision of qualified professionals and consult with your doctor to confirm you are healthy enough.
BUJINKAN BLACK BELT CURRICULUM GUIDE For the "Basics of Ninja Training" Downloadable Video Course (The Guide Supplements the 62 video lessons, videos not included) Bujinkan (Ninja) "Shodan Curriculum" (1st Degree Black Belt Course) This
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