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"E-Money" and "Design Profit" - Plus Daily Live Training and Advertising (a $1700 Value)

"E-Money" and "Design Profit" - Plus Daily Live Training and Advertising (a $1700 Value) MWT- DP Instant Download Price
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Buy and Download Description SPECIAL OFFER: Buy this starter package including the ebooks "E-Money" from Dr. Jeffrey Lant (CEO of worldprofit.com) and "Design Profit" from Sandy Hunter and get everything else you need to start making money on the internet NOW. Get all this: "E-Money" Millions of people worldwide are anxious to learn how to STAY HOME and PROFIT from their own online business. Others, already online, want to know how to maximize online profits fast. This awesomely detailed book shows you how! Over 55,000 smart people got the First Edition of this hot guide to online success written by one of the world`s top marketing experts -- Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Now it`s been completely updated to give you just what you need to profit from today`s interactive Internet environment. Yes, you`ll learn everything you need to know to connect with your customers worldwide live and in video immediately -- without your customers ever having to spend a dime to talk to you! Use this book and watch your online profits soar as you implement the proven success guidelines of a man whose marketing work is used by and known to millions worldwide! Dr. Lant gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed online in 6 chapters stuffed with step-by-step profit details: Learn the 5 Killer Myths that sabotage your online success. Millions of people have fallen victim to these myths. Know what they are and how to avoid them -- or watch your profits nosedive. Find out the secrets for creating customer-centered "cash copy", the right words in the right order that ensure that your website always delivers motivating benefits that get your customers to respond. Discover what it takes to design a customer-centered website that sells. Here Dr. Lant joins forces with top Internet designer Sandi Hunter to deliver crucial, little-known techniques that guarantee profit-generating web design. Find how to use state-of-the-art video and webcast services to turn your website into a 100% interactive business center. Video and webcasting are the future of the net. Here Dr. Lant shows you how to get an interactive website in just 5 MINUTES and how to use it for maximum profit, delivering Ultimate Customer Service and Ultimate Training. Start profiting today from your own video eproperty with everything you need to make money online now -- even if you don`t have your own products and services to sell. See how to generate a huge international dealer organization with people worldwide generating daily profits for you! Much, much more! Learn how to work direct with Dr. Lant for maximum online profits Find out how to hold instant online meetings -- 5 MINUTES from now. People who want to talk to you LIVE can do so without paying a penny -- wherever they are on earth. Working with people is the way to profit. This book shows you how to do it -- instantly. Learn how to create powerful videos that deliver your marketing message with sincerity, commitment, enthusiasm, whatever you`re selling. Yes, just MINUTES from now people worldwide can see you presenting the key benefits of what youre selling -- in one customer-centered video after another! Discover how Worldprofit can make you a tremendous interactive website just like the one Dr. Lant profits from daily Get the low-down on how you can attend hundreds of training webcasts LIVE at Worldprofit in the next year. And still MORE! You`ll learn how to create interactive money-making ezines, catalogs, classified ads, media releases, signature files, email messages of every kind. Discover, too, how to increase customer attention and maximize customer response, day after day with total interactivity! E-Money! is focused on maximizing your online success now, with vital information on creating the interactive business center that is the future of the net. Don`t wait! E-Money! is the one book you need for immediate and sustained online success. "Design Profit" eBook : Everything You Need To Know To Design A Website That SELLS! Every single business, organization and entrepreneur in the world has one insistent question about the Internet: what does it take to design a website that SELLS! In 10 easy-to-read, information-packed chapters you will learn exactly what you need to know about: - how to easily start building your website - how to use your website to generate prospect leads, all day, EVERY day - how to get sales directly from your website - how to get maximum profitable results from your website - how to develop a subscriber-based customer email list (NOT spam) to generate more business every single day - how to integrate effective design with proven marketing strategies - how to use words and offers to motivate immediate response from prospective customers - Website Development Plans explained for specific kinds of businesses - how to go from bland design to BRAVO design in just a few easy steps - how to make YOUR business the ONLY business prospective customers want to do business with! - little known marketing secrets that high-paid experts have used for years - why an amateurish site will drive visitors from your site faster than you can say click! - Search engines, the tricks and strategies that only industry professionals know. BONUSES: Become a Member of the Worldprofit Dealership Program PLUS "Millionaire Bootcamp" FREE! As a Worldprofit dealer, you earn up to 20% commission referring people and business to Worldprofit for hosting, design, website packages, e-business tools, and webcast services. We take care of all the technical set up and support for your referrals and you collect a commission check. Learn How to Profit as an E-Business Consultant! Your Worldprofit Dealership Includes: We'll show you how to "Turn a $10 investment into $100,000 or more." Complete Access to the "Millionaire's Boot Camp" taught by a real live instructor and recorded twice a week! You NEVER have to buy, sell or handle products. Replicated Worldprofit.com website Do this part or full-time. A dealer website with links to sell ALL of Worldprofit products, including packages, custom web design, eproperties, webcast tools, listservers and other vital tools for online business success. Access to Daily Training Webcasts and Video Training Library Complete access to Worldprofit's Dealer area, packed with hundreds of items, sales tools, advertising aids and more to help you profit online now. We pay you up to 20% of our service prices for sales referrals $1100 in free advertising for six months in the Worldprofit IIWA Malls (use it to promote whatever you like) Make the Qualifying Sales Volume and any services you've purchased could be free for a year! IIWA Advertising Package - Basic SPECIAL OFFER: Buy this starter package including the ebooks "E-Money" from Dr. Jeffrey Lant (CEO of worldprofit.com) and "Design Profit" from Sandy Hunter and get everything else you need to start making money on the internet NOW. Get all this
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