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"Web Ad Magic" - the Ultimate 3-in-1 Web Advertising Resource

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Buy and Download Description Finally the Ultimate 3-in-1 Web Advertising Resource is Yours . . . Discover How YOU Can Quickly and Easily Generate Amazing Autoresponder Messages, Killer Emails and Profit-Pulling Ezine Ads -- Using Best Selling Examples From the World`s Top Internet Marketers Now You Can Simply Model, Copy and Swipe Your Pick of These Winners and Watch Your Website Sales Explode! Now you can come up with your own powerful autoresponder messages, emails and ezine ads in no time flat. Instead of spending hour-after-hour and day-after-day slaving over your advertising, you can have the greatest proven and tested advertising copy ever written by the world`s top Internet and corporate marketers right at your fingertips. These Internet marketing giants reveal their secrets so you can: * Generate killer emails like the one we received from radio personality and author Mike Litman that brought in $31,006.30 in just 24 hours! * Create revenue generating ezine ads that will blast your website sales through the roof like the solo ad written by Jim Daniels that resulted in 398 sales in just 21 days! * Produce effective autoresponder messages that will close the deal with hundreds of customers-- just like Marc and Terry Goldman did when their autoresponder series converted an enormous 70% of their prospects into buyers. Do You Know What It Takes to Write Powerful Advertising Copy? If you don`t you`re not alone. Writing winning advertising copy - the kind that makes the sale - is a very precise skill. That was one of the first things we had to "un-learn" when we started marketing products on the Internet. You see, the thing is we can write - in fact we`ve written hundreds of proposals and reports, some magazine articles and even published a number of books - but effective copywriting is different . . . VERY different. Yes, we figured out real quick that you`d better be able to produce compelling and moneymaking advertising copy — the kind that will: * Explode your traffic by sending a hungry mob of customers to your site every day. * Outrageously grow your opt-in list by thousands each week. * Convincingly convert your prospects into first time and repeat buyers. Simply put, you`re faced with two choices - you can either pay thousands of dollars to hire an expert copywriter to produce killer advertising copy or you can try and write that perfect ezine ad, amazing autoresponder series or astonishing email yourself. The sad truth is, if you can`t consistently drive prospective buyers to your web page and close the deal once they get there, you`re in big trouble! But you know what? You now have a third choice! Have you ever heard of a "swipe" file? If there`s one thing all good marketers quickly discover, it`s that there`s no need to start from the beginning - when they see good copy, they "swipe" it and put it in a file. When they`re ready to write their next email, autoresponder sequence or ezine ad, they go to their swipe file and pick out a winning piece. Then, they model it and modify it to fit their own product or service. Instead of struggling for days to come up with the perfect word or phrase, they use copy that has already been tested and proven -- copy they know works well. Imagine if you had a gigantic swipe file crammed full of the very best autoresponder messages, killer emails and ezine ads written by some of the world`s top Internet marketers. You could simply pick out a piece you like and model it think how much easier your web advertising efforts would be! You`re about to find out because the world`s top Internet marketers are eagerly waiting to share the very best of their autoresponder messages, killer emails and ezine ads with you! Your web advertising efforts just got made a whole lot easier! Now you can finally stop struggling to write the exact words you need to explode your traffic, to grow your opt-in list and to finally convert your prospects into paying customers. At last, your solution is here "Web Ad Magic" - The Ultimate 3-in-1 Web Advertising Resource Web Ad Magic is jammed full of 1,235 pages of proven and profit-pulling advertising copy that is strategically designed to supply you with everything you need to quickly explode your traffic, ignite your website sales and leave your competition in the dust! And once you get your hands on Web Ad Magic you can double, triple or even quadruple your profits by following these five easy steps: 1. Study the winning examples inside "Web Ad Magic" and pick the advertising copy you need for your product. 2. Modify your selection to fit your product and create your very own moneymaking copy! (Remember - you don`t want to copy word for word - you`ll want to modify the text to fit your product). 3. Pop your winning advertising copy into your email or autoresponder series or place your ezine ad. 4. Click "Send". 5. See YOUR amazing results start to roll in-- just like the pros do. That`s it--5 easy steps and you could be producing the FASTEST and EASIEST money you`ve ever made in your life! With Web Ad Magic, you`ll get three separate swipe files that are bursting at the seams with revenue generating emails, autoresponders and ezine ads written by the best Internet marketers on the planet. The first two powerful swipe files you`ll receive are sequels to Yanik Silver`s wildly popular and best selling "Autoresponder Magic" and "Million Dollar Emails". In addition to these profit-pulling sequels, we want to make sure all of your advertising bases are covered. That`s why there are two more important pieces to "Web Ad Magic" - the brand spanking new "Ezine Ad Magic" and "Web Marketing 101", your "getting started" bonus guide "Autoresponder Magic II", has 785 pages (yes, that`s right -- 785 pages) of ALL NEW material and includes every imaginable way to use autoresponder messages. Do you need to: * Follow-up with customers? * Turn opt-ins into buyers? * Teach a mini-course? * Give away free information? No Problem . . . Finally, your headaches and frustrations from trying to produce your own powerful autoresponder sequences are gone. These expertly written messages will blow away any current autoresponders you are using - bar none! In fact, you`ll fall over backwards when you see the exact copy our experts wrote and the tens of thousands of dollars they raked in. Just take a quick peek at some of the winning examples you`ll find in "Autoresponder Magic II": * An astonishing series of autoresponder messages used by a retail store generated such a huge response that their profits skyrocketed. This series of messages helped the store exceed the national industry average for sales in their market by 250%. How`s that for an unfair competitive advantage? * A dynamic 14-part mini-course that has such meaty content it converts 60% of its prospects to buyers. These potential customers weren`t interested in buying initially, but opted into a mini-course as they were leaving the sales letter. After receiving the mini-course, almost two-thirds of them eagerly pulled out their wallets to buy the product they originally didn`t want to buy! It takes compelling writing to pull off numbers like that! And now you can model it for your own site. * And if 60% blew you away, how about a kick-butt, 3-part mini-course that contains virtually no sales pitch and still converts 70% of its prospects into buyers. Just think what your bank account would look like if you could model this autoresponder mini-course. Unbelievable. * Plus there are many more powerful and proven autoresponder sequences--just waiting for you to model and make mountains of money! But that`s just the tip of the iceberg, be Finally the Ultimate 3-in-1 Web Advertising Resource is Yours . . . Discover How YOU Can Quickly and Easily Generate Amazing Autoresponder Messages, Killer Emails and Profit-Pulling Ezine Ads -- Using Best Selling Examples From the World`s Top Int
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