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UNCOOKED FOODS healthy combining Raw recipes

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Buy and Download Description Uncooked Foods and How to Use Them A Treatise on How to Get the Highest Form of Animal Energy From Food With Recipes for Preparation, Healthful Combinations and Menus By Eugene Christian This book is a treat! We think that eating raw foods or uncooked food is a modern craze. But take a look at this book: it was published in 1924, complete with rational for eating raw and even recipes! I have done raw foods before, but was deterred by the amount of work involved just to feed myself. The rest of my family were less likely to catch my enthusiasm and logic. But now this book has re-inspired me to do more RAW foods. Here’s why the authors, Eugene and Mollie Christian wrote this book: SOME years ago we, the authors of this work, both became so impaired in health as to almost totally disqualify us for the performance of our daily work. A very exhaustive study of our condition convinced us that it was caused mainly, if not wholly, by incorrect habits in eating. This brought forth a very careful and studied series of experiments in diet which was confined entirely to cooked foods, because we at that time accepted implicitly the common theory that foods could be predigested and improved by heat. Failing utterly in this, our attention was turned toward what have been called natural foods, but what in reality mean food in its elementary or unchanged state. Less than a year of study and experimenting with this system of feeding resulted in the total elimination of all stomach disorders and our complete restoration to perfect health. From scientific research, in addition to these failures and successes, we have studied out a system of both eating and drinking, which has been tried by many others under our direction, and in every instance health, strength and vitality have come to those who have obeyed our instructions. In order to bring this theory more conspicuously before the public we gave a seven course dinner or banquet of uncooked foods, which was attended by many distinguished New York people. It received much attention by the New York press, and was widely commented on all over this and foreign countries through the press exchanges. A flood of inquiries concerning the use of uncooked food, especially referring to their remedial values, followed this publicity. This gave the first hint of the great interest that the public is now taking in this method of living. These inquiries showed that thousands of intelligent people were dissatisfied with their present methods of living. A second Elementary food banquet was spread at the same hostelry a few months later, which was given still wider publicity by the press, and which brought forth inquiries in such volume and of such intricate detail that it became impossible to answer them. Therefore as a labor saving method of making reply and in order to place intelligently before the public the results of our work and experiments, it was decided to incorporate them into pamphlet form. But it was soon discovered that this was entirely inadequate, so the present volume is the result. If it gives to men more strength, more vitality, more endurance; if it gives them more health and less disease, more sympathy, more affection and more love. If it gives them higher senses of Mercy and Justice which flow more freely from a fountain of robust health, and which are the warp and woof in the great fabric of a higher civilization! If it contributes one degree to the elevation and freedom of woman, if it gives her one hour more of pure air and sunshine, if it gives her new thoughts, new dreams, new hopes with which she may endow the race to be, if but in dreams it shifts the scene from four dark walls hung with pots and bones to gardens and fields, where nature's bounteous store of purple and red is swung with prodigal hand in sunshine and autumn leaves, waving and waiting to mingle their life with hers; if it brings her more youth and years, less sorrow and tears, if this book in the least lightens the leaden load that has been laid upon her by our civilization,-if in all the world it changes one hour of suffering to an hour of peace or pleasure, we will be repaid. I love the “history of how man uses food”: During the whole life of primitive man he would not eat more than a half dozen different varieties of food, while it is estimated that the average American can select from 1,000 articles. And take a look at the Table of Contents. There's an intriguing chapter called “Emancipation of Woman.” Yay! Somebody actually recognizes a “woman’s job is never done” mainly because of cooking. Introduction The Problem of Problems The Function of Foods Food Products Raw Foods Economy Simplicity As a Remedy Emancipation of Woman The Selection of Foods Food Combinations The Preparation of Food Preparation of Uncooked Foods Effects of Cooking Food Cooking Milk Flesh Foods Nuts Fruits Cereal Vegetables Bread Fermentation Condiments How to Eat Mastication Feeding Children Food Values and Tables How to Begin Recipes Soups Vegetables Flesh Foods Eggs Cereals Sandwiches Nuts Salads Fruit and Fruit Dishes Melons Evaporated Fruits Cheese and Junket Cakes, Puddings and Pies Jellies Mousses, Sauces and Whips Creams Ice Creams, Ices and Drinks Menus for Seven Days Banquet Menus This natural health classic is rare! It is complete and unabridged. This ebook is in PDF format and is over 90 pages long. You can view it on any computer and print it out as well. Uncooked Foods and How to Use Them A Treatise on How to Get the Highest Form of Animal Energy From Food With Recipes for Preparation, Healthful Combinations and Menus By Eugene Christian This book is a treat! We think that eating raw foo
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