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Buy and Download Description This ebook, The Fasting Cure is a fascinating natural health classic by Upton Sinclair, and reads like an adventure story. This famous writer of "The Jungle" from the 20s has a wonderful flair for telling stories, even on the topic of fasting! Why? Because he was often sickly and ill for days until he found out that fasting is the ultimate way to heal and to maintain health. Even though he had stayed at "health sanitoriums" he never really got well until he experienced his first fast. It's a good read. Fasting works! Learn how you can make yourself healthy, lose weight and feel more energetic. This information is as useful to you now as it was at the turn-of-the-century. Here Mr. Sinclair tells how his experience lit Americans into a fasting craze in the early 1900s: In the Cosmopolitan Magazine for May, 1910, and in the Contemporary Review (London) for April, 1910 I published an article dealing with my experiences in fasting. I have written a great many magazine articles, but never one which attracted so much attention as this. The first day the magazine was on the news-stands, I received a telegram from a man in Washington who had begun to fast and wanted some advice; and thereafter I received ten or twenty letters a day from people who had questions to ask or experiences to narrate. At the date of writing eight months have passed, and the flood has not yet stopped. The editors of the Cosmopolitan also tell me that they have never received so many letters about an article in their experience. Still more significant was the number of reports which began to appear in the news columns of papers all over the country, telling of people who were fasting. From various sources I have received about fifty such clippings, and few but reported benefit to the faster. As a consequence of this interest, I was asked by the Cosmopolitan to write another article, which appeared in the issue of February, 1911. The present volume is made up from these two articles, with the addition of some notes and comments, and some portions of articles contributed to the Physical Culture magazine, of the editorial staff of which I am a member. It was my intention at first to work this matter into a connected whole, but upon rereading the articles I decided that it would be better to publish them as they stood. The journalistic style has its advantages; and repetitions may perhaps be pardoned in the case of a topic which is so new to almost everyone. I have reproduced in the book several photographs of myself which appeared in the magazine articles. Ordinarily one does not print his picture in his own books; but when it comes to fasting there are many "doubting Thomases," and we are told that "seeing is believing." The two photographs of myself which appear as a frontispiece afford evidence of a really extraordinary physical recuperation; and the reader has my word for it that there was nothing in my way of life to account for it, except three fasts, of a total of thirty days. There is one other matter to be referred to. Several years ago I published a book entitled Good Health, written in collaboration with a friend. I could not express my own views fully in that book, and on certain points where I differed with my collaborator, I have come since to differ still more. The book contains a great deal of useful information; but later experience has convinced me that its views on the all-important subject of diet are erroneous. My present opinions I have given in this book. I am not saying this to apologize for an inconsistency, but to record a growth. In those days I believed something, because other people told me; today I know something else, because I have tried it upon myself. My object in publishing this book is two-fold: first, to have something to which I can refer people, so that I will not have to answer half a dozen "fasting letters" every day for the rest of my life; and second, in the hope of attracting sufficient attention to the subject to interest some scientific men in making a real investigation of it. Today we know certain facts about what is called autointoxication; we know them because Metchnikoff, Pawlow [sic] and others have made a thorough-going inquiry into the subject. I believe that the subject of fasting is one of just as great importance. I have stated facts in this book about myself; and I have quoted many letters which are genuine and beyond dispute. The cures which they record are altogether without precedent, I think. The reader will find in the course of the book, a tabulation of the results of 277 cases of fasting. In this number of disparate cases there were only about half a dozen definite and unexplained failures reported. Surely it cannot be that medical men and scientists will continue for much longer to close their eyes to facts of such vital significance as this. Upton Sinclair describes his situation as a master story teller, often funny and interesting. He also includes many letters like this from people who have been helped by the his writing: Hastings, Mich. , Sept. 11, 1910 Editor, The Cosmopolitan Every reader of your magazine owes you a vote of thanks for the Upton Sinclair's article on fasting. Mr. Sinclair said, "There are three dangers attending the fast." In my case there were four--the danger of being sent to the Insane Asylum. All my neighbors and relations had the utmost contempt for what they termed "my craziness." But notwithstanding all this, I fasted fourteen days, and stomach trouble, heart trouble, kidney trouble, chronic catarrh, and rheumatism, which for years had made life a burden, are no more. I do not have to tell my friends, at this date, that it was as success, they know it. My family physician has since said that it was probably the best thing I ever did in my life. I consider myself greatly indebted to you for furnishing me so efficient a remedy, free of cost. Gratefully yours, Mrs. E. L. Raymond This little-known natural health classic is complete and unabridged, over 97 pages. You can instantly download this ebook in PDF format (for both PC and Mac). It's been reformatted and updated for easy reading and printing. This ebook, The Fasting Cure is a fascinating natural health classic by Upton Sinclair, and reads like an adventure story. This famous writer of "The Jungle" from the 20s has a wonderful flair for telling stories, even on the topic of fasting! Why?
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