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DRESSAGE - seat & position by Colleen Kelly

DRESSAGE - seat & position by Colleen Kelly Audio CD: How to Improve Your DRESSAGE
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Colleen Kelly at the International Society of Rider Biomechanics
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How to Improve Your Dressage:

Rider Seat, Posture & Balance

Dressage can be complicated - so many peoples opinions!  Learn how the FEI Rules apply on rider seat
& position & what judges look for.

Find out how riders put the horse on the forehand, or fall in on the circle, or cut corners, get too much flexion, or head tilt, jack-knife through the shoulder or cross over the hind legs.

See how with the simplest changes in rider seat & position you can have straighter center lines, long-sides, diagonals and later on straighter flying changes and piaffe. And improve straightness & balance.

Improve your confidence & co-ordination. Get rid of the comment "not enough impulsion" once and for all, and find out what it is that

Colleen and Rider Biomechanics is doing to create so many World Champions, and Olympic and Paralympic medallists!

However, like all of Colleens work, it is completely simple for even a total beginner, or for a parent who is non-horsie and wants to see what to look for and how to help their childs riding.

A great stocking-stuffer at such an inexpensive price, but it really is jam-packed with incredible information!

How This Works...  Instead of waiting for DVDs to be delivered to your door (of course is significantly more expensive)...like Netflix they get downloaded automatically!

However...if you have a slow plug in card on a laptop, email us and let us know so we can send a duplicate to your work, or a friend that has a fast broadband-type landline internet connection, then they download quickly and instantly.  (Great way for your friend to get a copy for free!)

Colleen Kelly Biography

"The audience included those excelling in high performance and found Colleen Kelly an engaging speaker...thoroughly enjoyed (quote from the United States Equestrian Federation reference.)

"Colleen Kelly is very knowledgeable in Dressage and other equestrian disciplines. She is also very entertaining and keeps the audiences attention at all times..." (Quote from University of Kentucky

Colleen Kelly started her career in exercise science, working in rehabilitation gymnasiums, ultimately managing a scientific research
report system for the University of New South Wales for 8 years. After
continuing her education as a Mature Age Entry to University she is now well known as being one of only three Research Fellows of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics and lectures at the most prestigious conferences and Universities around the world.

Classically trained in dressage by some of the world masters, Colleen received her remarkable 100% in the Official Dressage Judges Exam, and was given the honor of being asked to give 15 presentations at the
World Equestrian Games, Kentucky (IEH Festival).

With Colleens breaking (gentling) history, she was invited
to be Head Judge at the 2010 trainer challenge (the East Coasts version of "Road to the Horse" at Equine Extravaganza in 2010. This remarkable
colt-starting competition had three of the biggest names in the industry
competing, and massive crowds over 3 days.

And was recently a "star panel member" with Pat & Linda Parelli and Monty Roberts at the 2011 Americas Favorite Trail Horse Television Series.

Colleen has spoken at some of the worlds largest eventing & dressage events held by the Equestrian Federation of Australia, USA & Canada and was key note speaker at the Grand Prix Dressage Judges event in
Canada. She is a regular at the worlds largest conferences such as Equitana, Equine Affaire, Horse World Expo and Equine Extravaganza.

With 45 years of riding experience & highly successful competition in showing, dressage, endurance, polocrosse and campdraft, and founding President of Vaulting Victoria, Colleens pupils include world famous Olympians, Para Equestrians, and has now worked with 8 World Champions in many different disciplines (including vaulting) and her work was recently recognized by the USDF as an Official University program event.  But its her Aussie fun sense of humor, that has seen her awarded with 4 separate awards from Riding for Disabled.

How to Improve Your Dressage: Rider Seat, Posture & Balance Dressage can be complicated - so many peoples opinions! Learn how the FEI Rules apply on rider seat& position & what judges look for. Find out how riders put the horse on the forehand,
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