RHYTHMIC FISSION Digital Revisions Of Classic Trax (2004) (RCA RECORDS) (15 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

RHYTHMIC FISSION Digital Revisions Of Classic Trax (2004) (RCA RECORDS) (15 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM mp3-album-00348

RHYTHMIC FISSION Digital Revisions Of Classic Trax (2004) (RCA RECORDS) (15 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

Digital Revisions Of Classic Trax (2004) (RCA RECORDS) (15 TRACKS)
Rhythmic Fission

Album Description:

How can you categorize an album of music inspired by artists as diverse as Monteverdi, Bartok and Max Brand? In 1958, when New York composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein initiated his well-known "Young People's Concerts," he addressed the root of the problem: the range of music grouped under the umbrella of "classical" was not only music composed during the classical period - that is, between the seventeenth century to Beethoven. Rather, live orchestral music composed well after Beethoven's death is still often termed "classical music," even though it shares almost nothing incommon with its predecessors.

From slow, sultry downtempo to hypnotic, energetic trance, the overall genre of "electronic" music shares the same dilemma. A modern synthesizer allows hundreds of instruments and thousand of tones to be created with one machine. But very little of it sounds alike. Is there a precise way to group all music created with the help of samplers and synthesizers together? Not really. What was Bernstein's solution? To move beyond categorization and, simply, to enjoy the experience of listening to music.

Before, the vast landscape of renowed symphonies, dreamy ballets, and passionate arias has rarely been given a survey treatment. That is, until now. Spearheaded by producer Miguel Kertsman, this album journeys through the vaults, reacquainting the listener with many master composers, remembering some forgotten ones, and spotlighting a few more recent and obscure contributors.

Whether it's the repetitive scales inspired by Bela Bartok transformed into a 60's-esque, cop-film chase scene or a science-fiction treatment of Ravel's 1910 score for the ballet DAPHNIS AND CHLOE, creativity has been at work with the masters. The impressionism of Debussy's haunting choral work "Sirens" receives an uptempo, two-step treatment, while Mahler's "Symphony No. 3" becomes a new journey through syncopation. Also included are tracks like Bartok's "Concerto For Orchestra," newly infused with a contemporary hip-hop groove by modern remixer Dan The Automator. Most importantly, however, this compilation seems to evoke the spirit of Edgar Varese ~ one of the godfathers of the synthesizer ~ whose complex compositions once caused riots in the audience and inspired him to write a manifesto entitled, "The Liberation Of Sound."

Rhythmic Fission offers an open ear the chance to experience the relationship between the past and present in sound ~ a symbiotic musical relationship that hopes to inspire listeners to revisit the past and discover the magic moments. 

Track Listing:

1. Chasing Bartók (based on music by Béla Bartok) - 3:58
2. Riddim Drum & Bass Mix (based on Edgard Varèse's Arcana) - 3:18
3. Blues (based on Maurice Ravel's Daphnis and Chloé, Suite No. 2) - 5:19
4. Addio del Passato (based on Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata) - 7:16
5. Sirenes 2 Step Mix (based on Claude Debussy's Orchestral Nocturnes) - 4:03
6. Via Verde (based on Claude Debussy's Arabesque) - 6:08
7. People (Get It Together) (based on Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 3) - 4:41
8. Meditation (based on Alban Berg's Violin Concerto) - 3:06
9. Ritual Rhythm (based on Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring) - 4:41
10. Machines (based on Max Brand's Fragmente 1-5) - 3:19
11. Espirito: Total Chill-Out, Brain Rejuvenator (based on The Calling) - 2:43
12. The Mermaid (based on music by J.S. Bach) - 4:39
13. I Would Kiss You (after Claudio Monteverdi's Chiome d'oro) - 3:24
14. New World (based on Antonin Dvorák's Symphony No. 9) - 3:52
15. Bartalk Mix (based on Béla Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra) Bonus Track - 4:37

Performance Credits:

Miguel Kertsman -------------- Organ, Percussion, Keyboards, electronics, electronic percussion
Boston Symphony Orchestra -------------- Performing Ensemble
Fritz Reiner -------------- Conductor
Montserrat Caballé -------------- Soprano (Vocal)
Jovino Santos Neto -------------- Keyboards
Chicago Symphony Orchestra -------------- Performing Ensemble
Pierre Monteux -------------- Conductor
Charles Münch -------------- Conductor
Georges Prêtre -------------- Conductor
RCA Italiana Opera Orchestra -------------- Performing Ensemble
Astacio The Nudist -------------- Acoustic Guitar
Catherine Friedmann -------------- Keyboards, Background Vocals
Sylvia Greenberg -------------- Vocals
Michael Habla -------------- Drums
Maya Hakvoort -------------- Vocals
Ulf Hoelscher -------------- Violin
Claire Pottinger -------------- Viola Da Gamba
David Aronson -------------- Keyboards
May Hakvoort -------------- Vocals
Hiroshi Wakasugi -------------- Conductor
Women of the Berkshire Festival Chorus -------------- Choir, Chorus
WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln -------------- Performing Ensemble
John Martinon -------------- Conductor
Max Brand -------------- Track Performer

Technical Credits:

Alban Berg -------------- Composer
Gustav Mahler -------------- Composer
Claudio Monteverdi -------------- Composer
Maurice Ravel -------------- Composer
Igor Stravinsky -------------- Composer
Giuseppe Verdi -------------- Composer
Miguel Kertsman -------------- Composer, Producer, Liner Notes, Mastering
Johann Sebastian Bach -------------- Composer
Claude Debussy -------------- Composer
Jovino Santos Neto -------------- Producer
Dan the Automator -------------- Composer, Producer
Jovino Santos & Neto Quarteto -------------- Producer
Rebecca Meek -------------- Package Art Direction
Greg "Stryke" Chin -------------- Producer, Remixing
DJ Tracy Young -------------- Producer, Remixing
Othmar Eichinger -------------- Mastering
Darcosan -------------- Producer
DJ Tamara -------------- Programming, Producer, Sound Design
Doctor Nachtstrom -------------- Producer
Carley Eiseman -------------- Liner Notes
Catherine Friedmann -------------- Composer, Lyricist, Adaptation, English Translations
Wolfgang "Humbucker" Frisch -------------- Producer
Michael Habla -------------- Producer, Engineer, MIDI Programming
Carley Eiseman -------------- Liner Notes
Dr. Nachstrom -------------- Producer
Music Divine -------------- Producer

RHYTHMIC FISSION Digital Revisions Of Classic Trax (2004) (RCA RECORDS) (15 TRACKS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM Digital Revisions Of Classic Trax (2004) (RCA RECORDS) (15 TRACKS)Rhythmic Fission Album Description: How can you categorize an album of music i
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