Yamaha 1983-1996 2hp-250hp Outboard Service Repair Manual

Yamaha 1983-1996 2hp-250hp Outboard Service Repair Manual PLDZ-75

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105 Jet V6 (2596Cc) 2-Stroke 
115 Hp V4 (1730Cc) 2-Stroke 
130 Hp V4 (1730Cc) 2-Stroke 
140 Hp V4 (1730Cc) 2-Stroke 
140 Jet V6 (2596Cc) 2-Stroke
15 Hp 2 Cyl (246Cc) 2-Stroke 
150 Hp V6 (2596Cc) 2-Stroke 
175 Hp V6 (2596Cc) 2-Stroke 
2 Hp 1 Cyl (43Cc) 2-Stroke 
2 Hp 1 Cyl (50Cc) 2-Stroke 
20 Hp 2 Cyl (395Cc) 2-Stroke 
20 Hp 2 Cyl (430Cc) 2-Stroke 
200 Hp V6 (2596Cc) 2-Stroke 
220 Hp V6 (2596Cc) 2-Stroke 
225 Hp 76 Deg. V6 (3130Cc) 2-Stroke 
225 Hp 90 Deg. V6 (2596Cc) 2-Stroke 
25 Hp 2 Cyl (395Cc) 2-Stroke 
25 Hp 2 Cyl (430Cc) 2-Stroke 
25 Hp 2 Cyl (496Cc) 2-Stroke 
25 Hp 3 Cyl (496Cc) 2-Stroke 
250 Hp V6 (3130Cc) 2-Stroke
28 Jet 3 Cyl (698Cc) 2-Stroke 
3 Hp 1 Cyl (70Cc) 2-Stroke 
3 Hp 1 Cyl (70Cc) 2-Stroke 
30 Hp 2 Cyl (496Cc) 2-Stroke 
30 Hp 3 Cyl (496Cc) 2-Stroke 
35 Jet 3 Cyl (698Cc) 2-Stroke 
4 Hp 1 Cyl (103Cc) 2-Stroke 
4 Hp 1 Cyl (83Cc) 2-Stroke 
40 Hp 2 Cyl (592Cc) 2-Stroke 
40 Hp 3 Cyl (698Cc) 2-Stroke 
45 Hp 4 Cyl (935Cc) 4-Stroke 
48 Hp 2 Cyl (760Cc) 2-Stroke 
5 Hp 1 Cyl (103Cc) 2-Stroke
50 Hp 3 Cyl (698Cc) 2-Stroke 
50 Hp 3 Cyl (849Cc) 2-Stroke 
50 Hp 4 Cyl (935Cc) 4-Stroke 
55 Hp 2 Cyl (760Cc) 2-Stroke 
6 Hp 2 Cyl (165Cc) 2-Stroke 
60 Hp 3 Cyl (849Cc) 2-Stroke 
65 Jet 3 Cyl (1140Cc) 2-Stroke 
70 Hp 3 Cyl (849Cc) 2-Stroke 
75 Hp 3 Cyl (1140Cc) 2-Stroke 
8 Hp 2 Cyl (165Cc) 2-Stroke 
80 Hp 3 Cyl (1140Cc) 2-Stroke 
80 Jet V4 (1730Cc) 2-Stroke 
85 Hp 3 Cyl (1140Cc) 2-Stroke 
9.9 Hp 2 Cyl (232Cc) 4-Stroke 
9.9 Hp 2 Cyl (246Cc) 2-Stroke 
90 Hp 3 Cyl (1140Cc) 2-Stroke 


 * Fuel System
 * General Information, Safety and Tools 
 * Hand Rewind Starter
 * Ignition And Electrical Systems
 * Lower Unit
 * Lubrication And Cooling
 * Maintenance& Tune-Up
 * Powerhead
 * Remote Controls
 * Trim And Tilt


Bailing Devices, Basic Electrical Theory, Basic Operating
Principles, Basic Theory, Batteries, Battery, Bleed System - 2-Stroke,
Boat Maintenance, Boating Equipment (Not Required But Recommended),
Boating Safety, Breaker Point Ignition System, Break-In Procedures,
C75/C80/C85 Engines, Capacities, Capacitor Discharge Ignition (Cdi)
System, Carbureted Fuel System, Carburetor Identification, Carburetor
Service, Carburetor Set-Up, Cdi Ignition Systems, Cdi Unit And
Ignition Coils, Cdi Unittesting Chart, Cdi/Cdi Ignition Systems,
Chargers, Charging Circuit, Charging System, Chemicals, Choke Solenoid,
Choke Switch, Cleaning & Inspection, Combustion Related Piston
Failures, Common Problems, Compass, Compression Testing , Connecting
Rods, Construction, Contact Breaker Points Ignition (Magneto Ignition),
Control Box Assembly, Control Unit, Conversion Factors, Cooling System,
Courtesy Marine Examinations, Cranking Motor Circuit, Crankshaft,
Crankshaft Position Sensor, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head Components -
4-Stroke, Description & Operation, Description And Operation,
Directionsand Locations, Electrical System Checks, Electrical Systems,
Electronic Tools, Engine, Engine Torque, Exhaust Cover, Exhaust Gases,
Fiberglass Hull, First Aid Kit, Fluid Level/Condition, Flywheel
Installation, Flywheel Removal, Flywheeland Stator Plate, Fuel Pumps,
Fuel System Checks, Fuel System Pressurization, Fuel Tank And Lines,
Fuellinesand Fittings, Fueloil Ratio, Gearcase (Lower Unit) Oil,
Gearcase Overhaul, General Engine System, Hand Rewind Starter, Hand
Tools, How To Use This Manual, Hydro Tilt Lock System, Identification,
Idle Speed Adjustment, Ignition System, Injection Control Link Rod,
Inline, Inspection, Installation, Interior, Jet Drive Assembly, Jet
Drive Bearing, Jet Drive Impeller, Kill Switch, Killswitch, Knock
Sensor, Location, Logical, Lower Unit - No Reverse Gear, Lower Unit -
With Reverse Gear, Lower Unit Removal, Lubricants, Lubricating The
Motor, Lubrication, Lubrication Inside The Boat, Lubrication Services,
Lubrication System (4-Stroke), Main Key Switch, Main Oil Tank (V4/V6),
Maintenance, Maintenance Or Repair, Marine, Measuring, Metric Bolts -
Typical Torque Values, Model Id Decoder, Model Identification & Serial
Numbers, Neutral Safety Switch, Oar/Paddle (Second Means Of Propulsion)
, Oil Injection System (2-Stroke), Wiring, Oil Pump,
Oilpressure, Other Common Tools, Pistons, Point Gap Adjustment, Point
Gap Check, Power Tilt System, Power Trim/Tilt Reservoir, Power
Trim/Tilt Switch, Powerhead Break-In, Powerhead Mechanical, Powerhead
Refinishing, Precision Blend System (Pbs), Prepping The Motor,
Propeller, Purchasing Parts, Ratings, Recommended
Lubricant, Re-Commissioning, Reed Block - 2-Stroke, Reed Valve Block,
Reed Valves (2-Stroke Motors), Regulations For Your Boat, Remote
Control Box, Remote Oil Tank (V4/V6), Removal & Installation, Removals
Installation, Replacement, Replacing Cables, Required Safety Equipment,
Safety In Service, Safety Precautions, Safetytools, Self-Diagnostic
Codes, Servicing, Shifting Principles, Shop Equipment, Single-Phase
Charging System, Spark Plug Diagnosis, Spark Plug Wires, Spark Plugs,
Special Tools, Specifications, Start Button, Storage, Storage, Stroke,
Switches/Solenoids, Synchronization, System Precautions, Tachometer
Connections, Tachometers, Test Equipment, Testing, Tether, Thermo-
Sensor & Thermo-Switch, Thermostat, Three-Phase Charging System,Timing Belt

INSTANT DOWNLOAD for Complete Honda Factory Repair manual [English].Step by Step Manual. hundreds pages of diagrams and instructions.Bookmarks (Clickable), Searchable Text, Index, Printable Pages, Compatible, with ALL Windows, ALL Mac, ALL Linux OS.
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