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Who Are The Coming Masters? (Extended Play)

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Extended play video of the YT video by the same name found in YT Rentals.

Filmed in Los Los Angeles-August 2010 - Learn Kriya Yoga from a Living Master: Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath http://www.hamsa-yoga.org/kriya-yoga 

So I myself am descended and a descendant of the Sun and descended from the Sun. And if you go back to this thing, my lineage is totally of the Sun, and my work is of the Sun. And people have vaguely seen forms but they cannot 
connect. but they will connect by 2012 who I am. I am not too keen to connect but you will know because you are a very sensitive people. Some of you are already meditating on the sun, or spirits of the sun or regents of the sun or aspects of the sun. So all that is concerned with the sun and Mars belongs to me and I have to serve that. I have to serve that category. All of you have been related to the sun in a very strong manner here with me for me to serve you with all my heart and all my soul. Next question. This was an unasked for answer with no question but anyway. Yes. Is the Fire God related to the sun as well? It''s very ancient, the Fire God. He''s known as Agni, Agni. That is why we always, he''s called the eternal witness. The Fire God. That''s why he''s kept in all empowerments. In witness of the Fire and the Water. Right? In witness of Michael and Gabriel. Michael is the fire, Gabriel is the water, Right? So they are the eternal witness, in any weddings, or marriages or initiations, you light the fire because the Fire is the eternal witness for the deeds of human kind and when he goes up, he imprints all your Karmic deeds in the undifferentiated fabric of radiant ether. The universal fabric of radiant ether has your name etched on it and every little deed you do. Those are the Akashic records of your individual Karma, planetary karma, solar karma, galactic karma, cluster karma, super cluster karma, and the whole of creation, cosmic karma. Can you dig it? Do you understand what I am saying? So it''s very important, the Fire. It is the witness to the deeds of man. And it is through the motivation of the fire called Vaisvanara, Vaisvanara, the home fire that people are looked after and are given warmth and food. Okay next question. [I have a question. The three avatars coming in 2012 are they grown men or are they going to be born in 2012?] Who asked the question? Who''s me, raise you hand? So in the Bible [Luke 8:10] there is a saying, I love this saying, eyes have thee and they see not, ears have ye and hear not. When Jesus was there they didn''t recognize him and they asked Jesus, Jesus when will Jesus come.

Copyright © Hamsa Yoga Sangh®. All rights reserved Extended play video of the YT video by the same name found in YT Rentals.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76jmRwRbjcU Filmed in Los Los Angeles-August 2010 - Learn Kriya Yoga from a Living Master: Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath http://www.hamsa-yoga.o
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