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The Secret of the Pyramid - LOSE WEIGHT

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You have tried everything but you have not been able to get rid of those extra pounds (again!)    What now?

You have tried everything to lose weight. You have bought all kinds of books, gadgets and widgets, and you still do not see any significant change. Or you had lost a dozen pounds (or kilos) but you gained even more a few weeks or months later You have tried the miracle diet recommended by your best friend, the one advertised on TV, the one that is guaranteed and so on: and still no tangible results! Where does it end? Or where does it start? I mean: does a real solution exist for people who are looking for a definitive weight loss program, a permanent solution? Is there any sure way to lose weight and not add pounds once weve achieved our goal and all this, without having to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars?

I guess you worked hard to lose those extra pounds (many times, I suppose). Never easy, I know. Even with support from your loved ones, you still have not managed to find a way to put an end (a definitive one, I mean) to this problem that is haunting you, even poisoning your life. You feel frustrated, penalized, desperate? Or you simply believe that losing weight would help improve your health?

Lots of good reasons, indeed (and the list could go on and on). But how?

Today, science offers you various ways to help you in your quest for a better living. Steady physical exercising, strict diets, hypnosis and many other theories and systems are now available to you. You can only assume that some decent results can be achieved if you can hold to your diet and exercise program, if you do not give up until (and even after) you reached the desired weight.

But then again, you have to be really willing to undertake such a program and invest so many efforts. You must keep fighting until the very end, i.e. until your hard-earned results have stayed the same for weeks and months without your craving for candies or chocolate or a second jumbo burger. Hmm Not easy. Right?

This is when/where the Pyramid of Fortune can help you. It is not a program, it is not a diet, it will not replace your daily physical exercising. Above all, it will not replace any medication or advice from your doctor. Oh, no. It will simply help you adhere to your program, respect strictly your diet and so on. In other words, maybe your previous attempts to lose weight (forever) didnt work because you were not motivated enough or relaxed enough, or you stopped believing in your success. Maybe the Pyramid was the missing ingredient, the missing element that could make the difference between success and failure.

The basic principle behind the Pyramid is positive thinking. The Pyramid becomes, here, a physical tool to assist you in your efforts
. to focus on your goal (of losing pounds once and for all!).
. to never give up by presenting you with visual stimuli,
. to keep up the good work by motivating you on a constant basis,
. to make you see any/all progress accomplished.

The usage of simple positive thinking techniques with the prescribed contents of the Pyramid should allow your reaching objectives you may still see as impossible now.


LOSE WEIGHT with The Secret of the Great Pyramid of Fortune
This ebook will teach you how to set your goals, how to build your pyramid, grade your progress, motivate you on a steady basis, reward you when justified (and make you understand the opposite when applicable), etc...

Just like miracles dont exist, you cant go from 250 pounds (or 120 kilos) down to half that weight within two weeks, though! So, your behavior and your strict adherence to your program will be of the outmost importance. Jody Luchini has made it simple for people who wish to improve their situation. A simple, hand-made, pyramid filled with specific items, plus a pro-active visualizing technique is all you need to reach your goals, once and for all. Why not try this simple solution now? What have you got to lose, except a few (or many) pounds or kilos?

I followed Jody s advice and I lost more pounds than I had set as my objective. Thx Jody!   Mado, Chicago, IL

There are so many things to say about The Pyramid of Fortune. I am not sure where to start. It does not replace a diet plan but for me it made it possible to lose those extra pounds I had tried to shed for so long with no success. This time, it is worked and I strongly recommend this tool kit to anyone who has had problems with motivation and self-control.  Janette, San Antonio, TX

At 52 I thought I would never be able to hold on to my diet and not gain back (again!) more pounds that I lost. Thanks to the Pyramid and Jody s technique I am so glad to tell everyone about my success. My husband has never looked at me this way since we got married (a few centuries ago)!  Marlene, Toronto, ON

About the author
Experienced in hypnosis, telekinesis and behavioral studies, Jody is also an eternal optimist and a dedicated disciple of the "anything positive" theory. This duality is reflected in all of Jody s writings. What else could we add? Well, Jody likes to keep things simple and efficient: qualities that you will find throughout this book. Oh, and Jody is also a LIFE COACH.

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You have tried everything but you have not been able to get rid of those extra pounds (again!) What now? You have tried everything to lose weight. You have bought all kinds of books, gadgets and widgets, and you still do not see any significan
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