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JQuery Basics

JQuery Basics JQB
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Course 1

CSS Selectors
Importing Jquery and why document order is important
Writing your first statement
Make a simple fadeOut transition
Timing those methods
Making a click-able anchor
Making open and close button
Looking at all animation methods
Editing CSS with Jquery
Adding Classes using Jquery
Remove Class method
Learning all Toggle methods

Course 2

Working with multiple elements inside of one function
Statement chaining and the .delay method
Link events together
Change any attribute with Jquery
Removing attributes
Remove entire elements
Creating variables and using the console.log method
Creating an element and using appendTo method
Create animations using animate method
Timing and callback on animate method
Chaining the animate method
Using the load ajax method

Course 3

Quick method of waiting for a document to load
Using the .size and .length methods
Look at advanced selectors
Selecting a range of elements with slice method
Using the hover event listener
Creating an alert box
Creating a function
Creating if statements
Callback functions

Course 4

FancyBox Plugin
ScrollTo Plugin
Inner-Fade Plugin
Wrap Up 

Course 1 CSS SelectorsImporting Jquery and why document order is importantWriting your first statementMake a simple fadeOut transitionTiming those methodsMaking a click-able anchorMaking open and close buttonLooking at all animation methodsEditing C
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