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The Ultimate Resell Rights Package

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Buy and Download Description The detailed descriptions are below, but here is an overview of what is included in the package: -5,000+ Web Templates - Tons of eBooks! -How to get Feedback fast guide on eBay -How to automate delivery of your digital goods on eBay or your site with Outlook Express -Full Resale Rights! You can't lose! What is included in the package? Here is a detailed description: First, Get Exclusive Information... 15MB Free Hosting with Absolutely NO Ad. Domain Name Registration for as low as $6.95 p.a. Your own hosting Company for only $14.95/month. Free URL Redirecting Service with Absolutely NO Ad. Hosting 10, 20, 30 even more Domains with one account. For as little as $2.00/month each domain including Domain Registration 2 Free eBook compilers/builders with no restrictions! Getting listed on Yahoo! for Free! Pay Nothing to Accept Credit Cards from your web site in real time. Huge 300MB hosting package with all the extras, get paid for refer others. Protecting your web image from being copied. With one line of simple scripts everyone can do Huge 300MB hosting package with all the extras, get paid for refer others. Giving away Free Visa Cards and Make $10.00 each time. plus A 10-level plan can generate unbelievable residual income How To Understand Windows Error Messages. Reproduce Any Color you see on your screen with 100% Accuracy. Three Best Selling Titles from With Full Resell Rights Self Publish At The Speed Of Thought Value $50.00 Your E-book Daily Marketing Plan Value $9.97 A Cheap And Easy Guide To Self-Publishing E-books Value $22.95 2 Hot Selling Titles - 2002 Series with Full Resell Rights eBay Marketing 2002 Value $24.97 Classified Ad Secrets 2002 Value $24.97 The Most Talked About E-book Grand Daddy with Full Resell Rights The Ultimate E-Library - includes 6000+ E-books Value $49.97 But YES Wait!..There's more!..This product Also includes: The Virtual Library - Over 2,000 eBooks, reports, programs and resources 101 Auction Secrets Revealed - Discover secrets for increasing your auction sales, customers, traffic and more! Don Lapre - Info Reports, Get 11 of Don Lapres famous reports! The 20-Volume eBusiness Encyclopedia Set. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! 16 Hand Picked Quality Information Products with Full Resale Rights Living off the Net Value $39.95 Million Dollar Emails Value $17.00 Working with ClickBank Value $9.97 Professional Cover Creation Tutorial Value $34.95 Autoresponder Magic Value $17.00 The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site Valued $11.95 1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips Value $29.00 The Internet Marketers Secret Guide Value $19.97 Internet Cash Machines! Value $14.97 E-Mail Marketing Strategies Revealed! Value $49.95 The Complete eBay Auction Marketing E-Course Value $9.95 InterNETACTIVE Value $29.00 Net Success Value $19.99 Cash Flow e-Business Value $20.00 eBook Cover Templates Value $19.95 Free eZine Ad System Value $29.95 Hand Picked Quality Information Products with Full Distribution Rights YOU ALSO GET! - Discover How To Write Killer Ads - How To Write, Create & Sell E-Books - Online Business Basics - The Greatest Internet Marketing Secrets - Magnetic Internet Power Marketing - 61 Sales-Boosting, Stealable Articles - Publishing With EbookoMatic - Shop Safely...and Save! - The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Starting a Web Site - Practical DotCom Business - How to Start Your Own Traffic Virus - 101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online For Little Or No Money - The Best Of Web Gold - How to Write a Business Plan Practical - A Basic Guide to Exporting Informative - U.S. Constitution Educational - Totally Free Web Resources - Online Stealth Marketing - The eBook Submitter - 7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic - The Magic Story - Scientific Advertising - Magic Letters - Increase Auction Profits - Unlimited Profits - The Best Of Dr Kevin Nunley - Aesop Award Submitter - The Marketing Warrioress TIPS THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF BOOKS, INFORMATION AND SOFTWARE... ENOUGH TO START YOUR OWN eBOOK STORE. But wait again! Thats not it! You also get 5,000+++ Web Templates! These web templates are more than plenty to start your own template shop, and are perfect for designing your own website, or designing your customers! There are some pictures below, and some of them are also Premium PSD Templates, that you can edit with Photoshop!   Wait there's one more thing you forgot! Included in this package, is also a guide, on how to get 100+ Feedback fast! This guide is necessary if you are just getting started on eBay! In order to use certain features on eBay, you need feedback, and in order to get feedback fast, you need this guide! Best of all, it is 100% Legal!!!   I just added something else! AUTOMATE YOUR E-BOOK SALES, AND MORE!   If you are selling e-books on eBay, this is for YOU! Give your customers the service they deserve. When they pay, they don't want to wait until you come in from work, or wake up in the morning to send them the e-book they ordered at 2am. THEY WANT IT INSTANTLY! Auto E-book explains exactly how to set up Outlook Express to send out your e-books to the buyer as soon as they pay you with PayPal 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why spend hours every evening sat at your computer emailing off E-books to your customers when all you have to do is list your items and count the cash rolling in. Think of it this way you could be spending time with the family, Down the Gym or Down the Pub ! And while you're there your computers making like a little cash machine, running your E-book business for you !!!! This E-book contains all the information you need to set up business Online with loads of good eBay Tips plus all the info you need to automate your E-book sales with Outlook Express PLUS YOU GET THE FULL RESALE RIGHTS ****************************************************************** Download Information! Shipping is free to your inbox worldwide! This package is available in an instant download! Once your payment has been processed through PayPal, an e-mail will be sent to your PayPal e-mail address with download details. The total is size, is a little smaller than 350MB. We recommend you download this package if you're on a High-Speed Internet connection. Since this package includes resell rights, you can buy the items here, and resell them for twice as much on eBay, or elsewhere. It's your choice, and you get to keep 100% of the profit! THIS PURCHASE IS FOR THE ACTUAL THINGS BEING DESCRIBED. YOU ARE NOT BUYING A LINK TO GO PAY MORE! YOU GET THE THINGS DESCRIBED HERE. THE TEMPLATES SHOWN BELOW ARE ACTUAL TEMPLATES INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE. I GUARANTEE IT! All of the templates featured below include PSDs. Plus there are thousands more templates in the package to choose from! This is the best resale rights package anywhere, for the best price! PURCHASE NOW! The detailed descriptions are below, but here is an overview of what is included in the package: -5,000+ Web Templates - Tons of eBooks! -How to get Feedback fast guide on eBay -How to automate delivery of your digital goods on eBay or your sit
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