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QUEEN Made In Heaven (1995) (HOLLYWOOD RECORDS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

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QUEEN Made In Heaven (1995) (HOLLYWOOD RECORDS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM

Made In Heaven (1995) (HOLLYWOOD RECORDS)

Album Description:

MADE IN HEAVEN is the fourteenth and final studio album by British rock group Queen, released on 23 November 1995. After Freddie Mercury's death in 1991, remaining band members John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Brian May worked with vocals that Mercury recorded before he died, along with newly recorded lyrics by the remaining band members. Both stages of recording, before and after Mercury's death, were completed at the band's studio in Montreux, Switzerland, pictured on the cover of the album behind Mercury. The album debuted at #1 in the United Kingdom, and went four times platinum there. The album peaked at #58 in the U.S., going gold.

The album was recorded in a much different way from Queen's other studio albums. In early 1991, months before his AIDS-related death, vocalist Freddie Mercury recorded as many vocals as he could, with the instruction to the rest of the band — drummer Roger Taylor, bassist John Deacon and guitarist Brian May — to complete the songs later. Put to tape during this time were primarily "A Winter's Tale", "Mother Love" and what would eventually become "You Don't Fool Me". After his death, the band returned to the studio in 1993 to begin work finishing the tracks. Brian May has described in interviews that Taylor and Deacon had begun some work in 1992, while May was on tour promoting his BACK TO THE LIGHT album. Upon his return in 1993, May felt they were not on the right path with the music and that they more or less started from scratch with the three of them working together with producer David Richards.

On the video CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, May described these sessions with Mercury as such:

"By the time we were recording these other tracks after INNUENDO, we had had the discussions and we knew that we were totally on borrowed time because Freddie had been told that he would not make it to that point. I think our plan was to go in there whenever Freddie felt well enough, just to make as much use of him as much as possible, we basically lived in the studio for a while and when he would call and say "I can come in for a few hours", our plan was to just make as much use of him as we could, you know he told us "Get me to sing anything, write me anything and I will sing it and I will leave you as much as I possibly can."

With less than an album's worth to work with, the band decided to revisit previously recorded material. Whether Mercury had any input before his death as to which songs might be considered for this purpose has not been discussed by the band. The idea was to take existing songs on which Mercury sang and rework them as Queen songs.

MADE IN HEAVEN is a full-force Queen album, capturing all the explosiveness that made Queen one of the most magical big-rock bands of the 70's and 80's. Mercury's powerful voice soars to heights that mere pop singers simply aren't able to grasp. On "It's A Beautiful Day," and particularly on the song's refrain, his regal vocal prowess reminds the listener that this is a man who could sing opera but still rock harder than most heavy metal screamers. The rest of the band is equally brutal in its precision: Brian May's sophisticated guitar work, and the eloquent, sympathetic rhythm section of bassist John Deacon and drummer Roger Taylor make this collection of rock music a moving affair. Throughout their career, Queen beckoned the acceptance of a broader range of pop-rock. Mercury's vocals soared beyond the rock idiom, and May's dignified guitar arrangements may never be equaled. Freddie Mercury will be forever missed, but the unrestrained beauty of MADE IN HEAVEN captures him in a loving portrait.

Queen: Freddie Mercury (vocals, piano, keyboards); Brian May (guitar, keyboards, vocals); John Deacon (bass, keyboards); Roger Taylor (drums, percussion, keyboards, vocals).

Additional personnel: Rebecca Leigh-White, Gary Martin, Catherine Porter, Miriam Stockley (background vocals).

Engineers: David Richards, Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J. Macrae.

All tracks arranged and produced by Queen.   

Track Listing:

1. It's a Beautiful Day - 2:32   
2. Made in Heaven - 5:25   
3. Let Me Live - 4:45   
4. Mother Love - 4:49   
5. My Life Has Been Saved - 3:15   
6. I Was Born to Love You - 4:49   
7. Heaven for Everyone - 5:36   
8. Too Much Love Will Kill You - 4:20   
9. You Don't Fool Me - 5:24   
10. A Winter's Tale - 3:49   
11. It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise) - 3:01   
12. Yeah - 0:04   
13. (Untitled Track) - 22:32  QUEEN Made In Heaven (1995) (HOLLYWOOD RECORDS) 320 Kbps MP3 ALBUM Made In Heaven (1995) (HOLLYWOOD RECORDS)Queen Album Description: MADE IN HEAVEN is the fourteenth and final studio album by British rock group Queen, released on 23 November 1995.
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