(PC Version) Gather round, I got a story to tell...

(PC Version) Gather round, I got a story to tell... PLDZ-1

Hotdamnirock DVD brought to you by Kain Carter of youtube.


Hotdamnirock DVD brought to you by Kain Carter of youtube. youtube.com/hotdamnirock
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  • Dante

    BUY NOW !

    Rating 4

    A great laugh ; soo happy i bought this

  • John Paul


    Rating 4

    This man is the real deal, I mean as a human being, a comedian, and just a person who will tell you how he sees the world and what he makes of his experiences. He has a gift, and I found myself fixated on the deeper meaning in his words. Support him pleas

  • almeisterr


    Rating 4

    I watch this whenever I need something to cheer me up or whenever I just want a good laugh. Kain Carter is a genius.

  • Tony


    Rating 4

    Just bought this and the documentary and watched both twice since. BUY THIS MAN'S SHIT! It's off the chain!

  • Crystal

    I Love this guy!!!

    Rating 4

    Kain is awesome and he never disappoints me, not only does he keep me laughin but he actually talks about real shit; which is key in order to be a great comedian. I see you goin places baby and I cant wait for you to get there! :)

  • rh91


    Rating 4

    I watched every one of his youtube videos and just like this dvd, he doesnt fail to make me laugh and be real at the same time. this is the first and probably only movie i will actually spend money on and it was worth it

  • Reece 'Gemini' Jones

    if There Was An Oscar for Funniest Underground Comedy... This DVD Would Win!.

    Rating 4

    Seriously... This DVD was super funny.. 'Two Thumbs Up', '5-Stars', and all of that... Plus everything on here is original, PLUS he directed, edited, and produced it alone. So this is one of the Great un-signed talents in America! !!

  • xedemx

    Was thinking what should I write here...

    Rating 4

    and was thinking hard. (And I was thinking why am I thinking hard) Then I realized it is because I care. This guy made me laugh, he managed to connect with honest, to the point humor. If you made this far, go ahead and get it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Dione Garrett

    My cuzio

    Rating 4

    Yo cuz you doing your thing mad love. Hope everyone like it as much as I did since we were younger you been doing this. So keep doing your thing GOD BLESS

  • Gloria O.

    Worth The Money

    Rating 4

    I watched it with my friends and we were all ROLLIN'. It's quality humor but i still wished for more so we just hooked up the laptop and watch the other videos on YOUTUBE. Moral o' tha story: Support ol' boy. BUY/Download this stuff LEGALLY.

  • C. Wayne Bush

    Buy the DVD You Cheap Bastards

    Rating 4

    I see all the views on YouTube and no reviews. This dude is funny as fuck and you bitches need to support him. You pay $50 to see Arnez J old wack ass and not $9 to support this dude. Buy something Bitches!