Jon Peter Lewis - Turn To Grey

Jon Peter Lewis - Turn To Grey SINGLE-TTG1

Jon is happy to present his first solo musical release, "Turn to Grey," to his fans.

Jon is happy to present his first solo musical release, "Turn to Grey," to his fans.
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  • Marie

    Very Amazing

    Rating 4

    I love Jon's beautiful, unique voice. I would never get tired of hearing this song.

  • Angie


    Rating 4

    this song is fantastic! i loved jon on the show, but this song,being a jon original, is absolutly amazing! i'd say 99 cents well spent! i cant wait for the CD!!

  • Elizabeth

    Great Song

    Rating 4

    Love it!

  • Emily

    Nothing Beats Jon

    Rating 4

    This song is so smooth and fun, I simply can't get enough. He has such a wonderful unique sound. I love this song and the demos on his website. If you're not a JPL fan now, you will be after hearing this song.

  • Connie

    good, but...

    Rating 4

    I find it enjoyable, but I was hoping he'd rock a little more. He has a lovely voice, and I'm anxious to see what he releases next!

  • Raiza

    Love this song

    Rating 4

    Beautiful voice and very catchy song.

  • Sindy


    Rating 4

    This song is simply Amazing! And I really love the starting of the song!!

  • Grace

    This is a great song

    Rating 4

    I love Turn To Grey. I can't wait for the CD. Jon Peter Lewis has the best voice I have heard in a long time.

  • Paula

    Amazing voice, I love this song!

    Rating 4

    "Turn to Grey" is one of the songs that once you hear it, it becomes an instant favorite and it gets stuck in your head. Consider yourself warned! : )

  • BILL

    Now THAT is music

    Rating 4

    Didn't know JPL had this kind of sound in him. Strong voice. Rock solid lyrics.

  • jplfan1

    Turn to Grey is Awesome

    Rating 4

    Jon Peter Lewis has a great voice! This song really shows it off well. Really mellow and smooth. Great work!

  • Carrie


    Rating 4

    I love Jon Peter Lewis' new single. His voice is absolutely beautiful. I could listen to him sing all day long. Fantastic job for his first release. I look forward to hearing more from him.

  • Jill

    Great new song

    Rating 4

    This is a great song. Jon Peter Lewis has an excellent voice which is shown to advantage in this single. It reminds me of Sting's work on Ten Summoner's Tales, with a melodic bluesy style.