Software for Restaurant, Counter, Cook Screens, Drive Thru Screen, Window 1 and Window 2

Software for Restaurant, Counter, Cook Screens, Drive Thru Screen, Window 1 and Window 2 PLDZ-3

 This Touch Screen software, not  a million dollars to develop it, not 50,000 already developed franchise software but 35 dollars self edit menu! If you are small restaurant owner now you can compete with large franchise''''s!

   This is Software, In Microsoft Excel & Access, for Restaurant, 77 Item Menu, 2 screens possible, Breakfast and Lunch, which has 5 major advantages over other systems!

 1. It has place in Menu Screen to add Weight of Food Item or Weight of Drinks. So you get total price and Food Weight and Drink Weight on receipt.

   On the Drive Thru, you can weigh the bag of food and see if it weighs what the total weight of food is on receipt, this is a check that every thing is their in the order! Also you have Drinks weight on receipt, you weigh the drinks to be sure all the drinks are their!

2. Also Cook Screens and Drive Thru screens simply roll up and down. When you finish an order roll the screen up. When new order comes it will be on screen. When you finish making order, roll the touch screen up. The advantage is if someone is helping you and they roll the screen up before you are finished(it is not erased like on most systems) just roll the touch screen back down, the order is still there!

3. The data of all sales are put into an Access Data Base, so to do Daily readings you don''''''''''''''''t have to turn the system off. Now if you don''''''''''''''''t close and are busy 24 Hours, this is a big advantage!

4. Back up system. If the system goes down or electricity goes off most systems have no back up, this system design has 2. You have 2 basic systems, Counter computer and Drive Thru. If Counter system goes off, close lobby and run sales through Drive Thru. If Drive Thru system goes off, close Drive Thru and run sales on Counter.

   If electricity goes off, use the Lap Top on Drive(not shown in System drawing) that is on Drive Thru being used as screen connected to Drive Thru computer Access Data Base to watch orders come up on screen from Drive Thru Computer and cost, when drive thru customer comes up, ring up his cost.

   Click off Access Data Base screen on Lap Top, being networked from Drive Thru computer and click on Excel Menu reserve. You can sell what you have made and bottled drinks, use key to open cash drawer to make change. It also keeps track of sales in Access Data Base!   

5. On most systems to erase an order you have to get managers key. Why because their is no record keep of the erase on the computer. It is different on this software, when you erase an Item, using the Red button, it leaves a "0" in it''''''''''''''''s place, and record is keep in Data Base. A Reading of sales for each cashier in Access Data Base can also give number of erases. This speeds up things a lot.

2 Disadvantages-

1. The Drive Thru runs on one computer and one screen(Lap Top) and their is a change of Order, the order taker has to by looking at old order on screen(lap top connected to Access Data Base Drive Thru Computer) rewrite new order to give customer correct Item,cost and receipt. 

2. Order is totaled as items are added, when the order is finished the order taker, will ask for the total, then total is pressed, it prints receipt and the printer has a Cash Register Kick out(be sure you buy printers with kick out, which opens cash register) and the order taker will have to figure the change.

System Design- 7 computers - and to run Time Clock Software on separate computer, 8 computers(Time Clock Software I also sell, and instructions on that software on how to link both software to Access Data Base). All Computers need Office Professional 2010 software, 3 computers Front Counter, Drive Thru and Drive Thru Lap Top(not shown in system drawing) will need my Excel file(this software). 

   The Counter Cook screen computer is networked to Front Counter Computer Access Data Base.

  The Drive Thru Cook Screen and 2 Window Screen is networked to Drive Thru Window 1 Computer, Access Data Base.

 The Drive Thru Screen(outside where customer is making order) is networked to Drive Thru Window 1 Excel file so they see what is on the screen of the order taker.

   The printer on Window 2 is also on Drive Thru Window 1 Excel file,  so they will get receipt that shows weights. If you have problems running dual printers from one Drive Thru computer to Window 1 & Window 2, you will have to run only one printer on Drive Thru computer Window 1, but connect the printer to Window 2(so they can see the Food Weight and Drink Weight, on receipt). 

   The width of space to write you menu Item on touch screen is 31 units, the width of space on Sheet 3 of Excel for each Item is 25 units that goes to printer. This is for narrow printer & narrow paper receipt.You will need to keep Item names a little shorter than space provided on Touch Screen Menu or get wider printer and adjust width of column on Sheet 3 for each Item, column. 

You can have 2 touch screen Menus, Breakfast and Lunch but only open one at a time, the other screen has to be completely closed(not minimized).

  I am sending system design to Dell Computer Inc., so if you buy equipment from them and you get a 3 year warrantee(always keep in warrantee) you will always have Tech Support and they will know what you are talking about, as they have seen system design.

   This is for a new Touch Screen Computer (hasn''''''''''''''''t been exposed to viruses) & stand alone system (not connected to internet)  that has 2010 Professional plus software with Excel and Access. Then download this Excel file on a SanDisk, then connect the SanDisk to stand alone New system with 2010 Professional plus, then link 2 sheet of Excel to Access, click box, top row as headings.

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This Touch Screen software, not a million dollars to develop it, not 50,000 already developed franchise software but 35 dollars self edit menu! If you are small restaurant owner now you can compete with large franchise''''s! This is Softw
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