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Big Profits From Small Priced Products ( MRR )

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Buy and Download Description Are You Pricing Yourself Out of the Market! Develop Recession Proof Price Points for Online Products! Are You Finding it Harder and Harder to Sell Your High Priced Items? Let�s face it! The suffering economy is making your business suffer too- - turning your customers into tight wads who are more intent than ever on finding that bargain online! ARE YOU READY TO OFFER YOUR CUSTOMERS THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE AND STILL MAKE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN IHNCOME A YEAR? Learn how to lowball your business online and clean up even though times are tough by reading the timely new eBook - Big Profits From Small Priced Products These selling strategies are tailored specifically to online marketers like yourself who may be feeling the effects of the economic downturn. Stop Crossing Your Fingers and Hoping For the Best and Start Selling! From the Desk of - Dear Fellow Internet Marketer - If you are reading this chances are that your website is "dead in the water" and that it is not generating the same type of income that it used to before the world wide recession hit the economy. Unfortunately what many people do in such a situation is blame themselves for not being able to manage what is ultimately a global change in buying behaviors. This has been an overwhelming situation for both online and offline businesses for some time now! Yet another reaction to the sudden drop in sales is a sense of powerlessness and panic when what is really needed is the resolution to make necessary changes. I recognize that it is quite upsetting to have a steady income generator, such as a profitable information product website, suddenly grind to a halt and stop making money. In fact I know EXACTLY what this feels like because six months ago it happened to me. I had a profitable website that was nicely nestled into a much sought after niche and like many of the information marketers out there I was able to market this 300 page eBook plus three associated bonus products at the healthy price of $97. In fact you could pretty much say that $97 was the magic number for years when it came to being the perfect price point for eBooks sold through Clickbank. For almost two years I made a great deal of money selling this eBook and so did my affiliates. In fact I was making between two and three grand per month, which is not an outrageous sum compared to what some of the big wig eBook sellers make out there but it added up to a whopping $36,000 the year before last. Then in less than two months my sales dropped from $3,000 a month to $150 a month. My affiliates from ClickBank disappeared because they lost faith in my product. My cash cow had died. The day I realized that the bottom had fallen out of my world had learned one of the hardest lessons about business that anyone ever will which is - Business never stands still. It is something that is constantly changing! You have to be adaptable, flexible and willing to change in order to be a long-term competitive player! This is true no matter what type of event or influence causes your business to take a downturn or even crash completely. You need to "get over" set-backs quickly. Times are very hard, and there is no reason to assume or imagine that they are going to get better any time soon. The world as a whole has undergone some very traumatic changes over the last year or two, and the financial situation in most developed Western countries is almost unremittingly grim. The bottom line is - You can�t change the world but you can change the way you do business. Are You Willing to Change the Way You Do Business to Survive the Recession? In "Big Profits From Small Priced Products" I discuss - What types of challenges you can expect to face as an online entrepreneur in the next few years as the result of the recession The types of approaches to online marketing that may have worked a year ago but are not working any more as a result of the economic downturn The marketing and promotional tactics that you may still be using that may become completely ineffectual or obsolete within the next few years How to begin to modify your thinking so that you can turn negatives into positives How to adapt and develop your business to match the requirements of the new era Why a similar product launched a year ago would not generate the same kind of income today thanks to changes in attitude about what people can afford Where to find new products to sell that are low ticket items and that people will want to buy How to come up with ideas for special or short reports that are more affordable for your customers to buy then the usual hundred dollar report that is usually sold online! The number one mistake you can make to turn your customers off of buying from your website for good At this point in the game you might be asking "Okay so what�s your point? My business is in trouble now and I have to get a handle on it THIS WEEK or I am going to the poorhouse!" Don�t worry. In this eBook I give you plenty of practical advice about how to get yourself completely and immediately out of your financial hole so you can start turning over a sizable profit once again. I provide you with solid advice about how to recover your business quickly and with minimum cost. This is because I know from experience that when you are not making money the last thing you need to do is spend more money! How did I do it? You can read about in detail in my eBook. However I will tell you that the first step to recovering my online business by asking myself one critical question - Are High Ticket Items Dead? Yes! There IS less spare cash available as the global cash crisis has a noticeable effect on private individuals burdened with job loss and crippling debt! You don�t have to be a genius to figure out that it is going to be harder to sell higher priced items online then it is lower priced items. However you can transcend grim statistics about selling online by following the advice in Big Profits From Small Priced Products In this eBook I tell you everything you need to know to navigate the issue including - How to give an impressive product launch no matter what size or price your items are How the most super successful gurus online are managing to still make money during this recession by adjusting their prices What the right low ticket price just might be for that informational product you are selling How to adjust your niche market product so that it will sell in these changing times How to price a full eBook and bonus package nowadays without going broke! The newest strategies that you should apply to pricing Clickbank products to encourage affiliates to sell the product for you How to think more in terms of value and salability and not in terms of price Why it could be a BIG mistake to offer anything for free in this type of economic climate How to determine what your target market might see as an affordable price How to sacrifice one sale in order to gain five more new customers How to stop looking at your business in terms of sales numbers and look at it more in terms of total income Why it is a mistake to use the "straight line" method in order to price your products How to start thinking of your products as investments that have a return over the long term instead of as short term profit makers Why it is especially crucial for you to look at what your competition is doing during these hard times How to create new products from Master Resell Products to keep your prices down How to use strategies to make a handsome profit from Master Resell Products with very little money upfront How to think outside the box and sell other things besides writt Are You Pricing Yourself Out of the Market! Develop Recession Proof Price Points for Online Products! Are You Finding it Harder and Harder to Sell Your High Priced Items? Let�s face it! The suffering economy is making your business suffe
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