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Buy and Download Description It�s no wonder 9 out of 10 online marketers are struggling� Boost Sales Profits and Increase Leads Using Our New Marketing Software! Do You Own More Than Two �Bonus� Info Products? Read On! Dear Reseller, I�m going to reveal to you what prompted me to create a fast and simple way to turn my computer full of PLR books into one of my best resources and sources for new leads to grow my lists and how you can benefit over and over from my idea� I don�t know about you, but my computer is just about filled up with free ebooks, and bonus products with giveaway or resell rights, that I had no idea what most of them were even talking about anymore! Do you know how frustrating it is having to search through tons of products with resell rights to find quality ones to build your list or enhance a sales offer? All this information to profit from, but too many books to remember to really figure out how to use them to my advantage! At first I attempted to organize all the info products that I could resell or give away as a bonus into an excel sheet, and different computer folders, but eventually that became too complicated and sloppy� Not to mention it didn�t help the fact I couldn�t remember what most the books were about! It also doesn�t help that lately it seems everyone and their mother is giving us a dozen bonus items each time we purchase something, making it harder and harder to keep track of what ebooks are about what, or giving what kind of useful information! Don�t even get me started on keeping track of Resell, Master Resell, and PLR rights! So I came up with a solution using my four years of college computer programming knowledge to solve the migraine this was causing me, and I know you�ll benefit from the solution even more: Introducing PLR Manager! (Windows 2000 or higher, Microsoft .Net Framework) Now You Can Take Advantage of This Time Saving and Profit Producing Software Too! Whether you are new to the world of information products, or a seasoned veteran of the constant online marketing battle, I can�t wait to receive your feedback on how much more profitable your business becomes by using the PLR Manager software especially with these key benefits: *Never again waste time searching through folders for bonus products to giveaway *Find quality items with profitable resell rights quickly and begin promoting them immediately *Stay organized and easily review notes on bonus items you currently own *Quickly identify items with resell rights for a specific niche (PPC, Weight Loss, Dog Training etc.) without wasting hours sorting through each product *Use the software as a powerful magnet to draw in targeted leads faster to your lists *Sell the software to your list for even just $7 and make hundreds of dollars in hours or days easily! ($7 x 100 buyers = $700 FAST!) *Combine the software as a bonus with your current bonuses to add more value to your product sales page and give your customers a powerful organizing tool for their business at the same time *FREE UPDATES for LIFE (as with all of our software) and new features to be added in the future as suggestions and feedback continue to come in! *Export your data into various formats such as HTML, CSV, Text and more for further data manipulation or sharing with friends, and business partners, to generate your own product creation ideas from the PLR content! The reality is this software will improve your business, and the businesses of your customers by organizing and simplifying your bonus and resell rights material for easy redistribution and product generation ideas. No other software has been created that does this and MORE as easily, simply, or as fast! As a Warrior myself for the past 2 years, I�ve often stayed in the background of the forum simply reading and learning, but now I want to use my computer background to improve your life as well! This software will be provide much more value to your visitors and customers as an incredible bonus item or exciting free giveaway to opt-in to your list! Go one step further and sell the software YOURSELF and you�ve got a double-edged sword for killer conversions! Not only will you be able to instantly see what niches do you currently have products you can giveaway or re-package information on, but you can also see your thoughts on them, what you learned, who created them, what you could sell them for, etc. If you struggle to find more time, or have trouble identifying ways to create more sales or generate more leads, then you have no excuse: You need this today. This software is easy to use and provides the information in a very simple way. Even your great grandmother will be able to use this software without ANY problems! Oh, and what software that turns your PLR Products into Profit Machines would be complete without bonuses that also have MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! So what is the Cost to have More Free Time, Generate More Leads and Profit from Sales of this Software with Master Resell Rights? Retail value of this software with master resell rights will easily be $47 or more, however I am allowing you access to it right now this week for: Yes, all of the features of the software, along with the ability to give it away as you please, or resell it for $7, $17, etc. and easily make your money back within 2-4 sales! All for the price of a night at the movies! So why the huge discounted price on something that took so long to create and will provide such incredible profits to you? Simple. I�m looking to get my name out there! You and your customers will LOVE the benefits and features of this software, and I am willing to create private software projects for YOUR niche and lists to be used as bonuses or be sold with PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS (your name, your branding, and the possibility for YOU to add CPA and Affiliate advertising for MORE profits!) This software removes all of YOUR excuses to not begin making more money from PLR books today! Better yet, you can resell the software and create even more sales! Should you feel that your time management and bank account aren�t drastically improved from using my software, you have my 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee to remove any risk or doubts! That�s a Full 60 Day Guarantee of No Risk to see how much better your life has become. You could delay your purchase and choose to buy it later, except there�s one thing you should know: Every Week I will be Increasing the Price by $2 - $5 Until 200 Copies are Sold at which point this Offer Will Be Removed. So if you wish to benefit from the price as it currently stands, and more importantly, before YOUR competition steals YOUR profits and customers away to their lists� Why buy software when I can just keep track of my own material in notepad or on a piece of scrap paper? One word: convenience. This software will allow you to simply and easily prevent you from wasting your precious time searching through packed folders of old information products that you can use as bonus materials or incentives to grow your list. Not only that, but it will allow you effectively organize notes on each product and recall in a single glance the value, niche, author, and whether the product comes with its templates for selling yourself. Oh, and then there�s the fact that you can resell this pre-made and packaged software to generate more money yourself! Notepad and paper can�t do that, now can it? Could I just partner up with someone else and purchase or receive the software for a lesser price or possibly free? Sure, however you would then miss out on large discounts on future releases and n It�s no wonder 9 out of 10 online marketers are struggling� Boost Sales Profits and Increase Leads Using Our New Marketing Software! Do You Own More Than Two �Bonus� Info Products? Read On! Dear Reseller,
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