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Buy and Download Description Safe Guard Your Work From Potential Thieves And Annihilate Anyone In Court If They Mess With Your Property! "Intellectual Property Guard" Makes Sure You Get PAID For The Ideas You Come Up With! Make Sure You Get PAID For The Ideas You Come Up With! Have you come up with an idea and soon seen someone else selling a product or service using that same idea? Does that make you mad? You bet it does! You should be getting the credit and profits that go with that idea! This letter is going to show you how to protect all of your ideas quickly, easily and without big investments! Make sure that you don't miss this letter because this report isn't one that is going to be mass produced. After a set number of people view it, it will be taken offline forever... Intellectual Property Guard Protect Your Property With The Strength Of A Steel Cage! From: Your Name Here Date: Dear Friend, This letter is one that an Internet Marketer has never written up until this point. The truth is, there are hundreds of new businesses launching on the Internet every single day and I'm willing to bet that you may have thought of one of those ideas at one point or another. Did you know that if you come up with an idea and patent it, your profits will be locked in, in the future, even if you aren't the one who released the idea? Well it's true! If you come up with an idea, don't you deserve to get all of the credit, cash and recognition that goes with it's commercial release? Sure you do! This letter is going to show you all of the tricks, tips and little known secrets to not only protecting your ideas but also your products and how to secure profits that anyone else makes as a result of your original idea! You no longer have to just stand by and watch people profit off of ideas that you came up with before they did! You now have the power to do something about it! You see, until now... You've Been Watching Others Get Credit For "New" Ideas You Came Up With Years Ago. Most people have ideas and inventions. However, that's the problem- -everyone is doing it. And most people never do a thing about it. And I'm here to tell you that there is a better way. In fact, you're about to be thrilled! Wouldn't you like to see your name as the legal owner, recognized by the government, of your idea? Wouldn't you like to be able to market your idea? But how are you going to make all of this happen? What are you going to do? You Can Get A Patent Or Trademark For Your Creative Product. It always sounds too complicated, doesn't it? Trust me- -it's not. You're about to enter the world of patents. Most people think patent law is too complex for them, or that the system is too difficult to navigate. The truth is, it can be done quite simply if you have the information you need to put together a stellar application package. People who can apply effectively for a patent can get one. It's that simple. Got a great idea? You CAN get a patent. Don't Believe Me? Look At The Millions Of People Who Already Have Patents. Many people have been extremely successful simply by using some basic but little-known concepts to apply for patents for work they've already done. You Can Do It Too! How Can I Become A Patent Professional? Intellectual Property Guard Contains All The Information You Need! You really can become the master of your idea and your future! I'm going to show you how to optimize your application and streamline the process to get your idea seen. You don't need a large amount of money to start this. In fact, it costs nothing to get started in some instances. The best part is that you don't have to worry about someone else coming along and taking credit for your idea and hard work! You can really do this and it really is easy. My Book Intellectual Property Guard Will Show You Exactly How To Get Started! Can you imagine making enough money to become financially independent? Do you want to be able to call yourself a successful online business owner? Thanks to Intellectual Property Guard, I now have trademarks and patents on my work, and I am the one who gets the credit for my ideas! Your book truly is remarkable, with plenty of practical tips and innovative secrets that make it easy for anyone to get the patent they need!| Thanks so much for writing a real winner! Jake Foster, Spokane, Washington Satisfied Customer Can Someone Like Me Really Get A Patent? The answer is Absolutely, Positively . . . YES! You see, most books make it sound complicated and difficult to get patent, but the truth is, it's not complicated or difficult at all. In fact, if you know the simple steps necessary to choose the right options to apply for and put together a good application package, it is downright easy to do. Let me be very clear about this - you won't get a patent just by sending a quick email or letter. You will have to put some effort into an application package, but I can promise you it's amazingly effective. Can you imagine how great it will feel to have the ownership of your ideas locked down? Don't waste another moment, you can get started on your patent right away. What Valuable Secrets Are Revealed In Intellectual Property Guard? Just take a look at the actual Table Of Contents from this amazing e-book.. Introduction 5 What Are Patents? 5 The History of Patents 6 Section 1 � General Information on Patents 9 Trademark, Copyright or Patent 9 Types of Patents 9 Plant Patents 10 Design Patents 13 Utility Patents 14 Business Method Patents 17 Section 2 � Patent Eligibility 21 Who Is Eligible To Apply For A Patent 21 Why You Would Need a Patent 21 Protecting Yourself 22 Preventing Other People 22 What You Can Patent 22 What You Cannot Patent 23 Section 3 � Patent Laws 24 Section 4 � The USPTO 27 An Overview of Its History 27 The Hierarchy of the USPTO 27 The Role of The USPTO 28 Contacting the Patent and Trademark Office 28 Preparing Yourself to Navigate Through the Patent Maze 30 Section 5 - The Patent Application Process 32 Researching Previous Patents 32 Obtaining the Application Form 34 Filling In the Form 35 The Oath 35 Drawings and Photographs 36 Filing The Application 36 Processing Of the Patent Application 37 The Patent Application Fees 38 Section 6 � When A Decision Has Been Made 40 When Your Application Is Approved 40 If Your Application Is Rejected� 41 The Initial Rejection 41 The Final Rejection 42 The Appeals Process 43 Instead Of A Patent 43 Section 7 � After the Patent Is Issued 45 Section 8 � Consulting a Patent Lawyer 47 Introduction 47 Planning a Visit To Your New Patent Lawyer 48 Reviewing the Credentials Of A Patent Lawyer 49 Section 9 � Patent Expiration 52 Section 10 � Patent Pending 53 Section 11 � Patent Infringement 55 Filing a Lawsuit Against Patent Infringement 56 Getting Help Outside the Courts 59 When Your Patent Cannot Be Enforced 60 Patent Infringement Outcomes 61 When You Are Accused Of Patent Infringement 62 Removal of Patent Validity 62 Section 12 � International Patents 64 The Rights of Foreign Nationals When Applying For US Patents 64 The Rights of Americans When Applying For International Patents 65 Section 13 � Patent Conventions and Treaties 68 The Patent Cooperation Treaty 68 The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property 68 Section 14 � Interference: Deciding the Right Patent Owner 70 Section 15 � Co-Patent Ownership 73 Section 16 � Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make 75 Section 17 � Using a Patented Component to Invent Your Own Product 78 Section 18 � Marketing a Patented Invention 80 Section 19 � Popular and Useful Invention Safe Guard Your Work From Potential Thieves And Annihilate Anyone In Court If They Mess With Your Property! "Intellectual Property Guard" Makes Sure You Get PAID For The Ideas You Come Up With! Make Sure You Get PAID For The Ideas You Come Up
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